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Does anyone know why and how they can deal with spouses differently than the military member(MM)?


Case in point: Me & spouse filed ch13, got dismissed, AAFES then immediately took our tax returns that next tax filing. Called them and they did give it back barring I (MM) setup payment arrangements. They said nothing about the spouse.

Now, I've got a charge off showing from them starting at the time of the ch13 filing and I'm paying my debt monthly. My credit is not being helped by my payments.

The wife though, still has access to her cards, online account, and is still able to use her card/s.

Just this past week I wrote them a letter asking why they weren't sending her accounts to the CRA's. Well I'm glad I did because they updated her accounts to show all good. Her reports just kind of stopped being reported by them at the ch13 filing. I'm not sure if it said charge off but it might have.


What I don't get is why they would treat us differently? We're still married and I was retired when all this went down, if that makes any difference.


I'm lost as to what else I can try to get them to help ME out this way.



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Update, and more craziness.


We've noticed that even though the wife's AAFES card/account is fully open & functional her credit report hasn't been updated since 2012. With that in mind I constructed a letter that told them to update the trade lines or send a payment arrangement for the wife's account.

Well, they updated her credit lines to good and sent her an apology letter! WTH!


In summary, I, the military member, am screwed with a charge off that I'm paying monthly and the wife, a dependent, gets full restoration of her account? In what world is this ok? I just can't believe it.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2818 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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