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Mired in Bank of America bureaucracy

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congrats !


what pains banks put us all thru , i swear .



And you said it about Banks putting us through pain. I made a Facebook post yesterday about the short sale being final. I later got a message from an old friend who told me that he stopped paying on his Bank of America mortgage in 2009, yet they won't let him short sell and still haven't foreclosed. Totally unreal.

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Bingo bango bump.


It has been 2 months and Bank of America still hasn't updated this account on my credit reports. The last time they reported anything to anybody regarding this account was on February 10th. On all three reports it is showing as an open account 120 days past due with the last reporting date of 2/10.


What on Earth? Shouldn't they have reported this account is clothes / settled for less by now?

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