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So what did you get in the mail today?

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The monthly statement for my motorcycle...and my new Venture One (which lead to a 15 minute phone conversation with their fraud department upon activation)


I'm not sure if the fraud dept got involved because I'd attempted to dispute one of the old Cap One accounts that I'd IIB a while back (they did mention putting a fraud alert on my account and/or reports after the dispute), or if it was because EQ seems to have an odd character between the numbers on my street addy (it's listed as "111 N 2 2nd St", instead of "111 N 22nd St"), or what. They said they just needed to ensure that they had a verified way to contact me. They seemed overly concerned that it actually showed up at the correct address.


I have absolutely no problem having an additional verification for new cards, btw... It just took me by surprise, and made me wonder why.


One of my Amices has my address line with the correct address, but no spaces, like 124WESTTURDBURGLARPLACE.

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BT checks from Citi (now with the fee dropped from 5% back down to 3%)   Automobile title from payoff of our last auto loan.

Got some medicine for my cancer. It came overnight. Yeah.

I think the whole "you need an installment loan reporting" exposes one of the weaker side of FICO credit scoring.  You can't tell me that among stronger credits, the presence of an installment isn't a

Got balance transfer checks from Citi for my DC account. First BT checks I have gotten from any of my accounts in quite a few years. Good thing? *shrug* 0% until 7/17 is ok I guess. 4% fee instead of the normal 5%....meh. Off to the shredder.


Letter from Sync declining a CLI request in my Marvel card due to inactivity. I ran $30 through it, claimed the $25 bonus and my cash back, PIF the other $3.93. I guess that wasn't enough for them this time.



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Express coupons :lol:


Interesting travel brochures from Tauck (if anyone has experience with them, please let me know)


Z Gallerie catalog


EnnEffSeeYou Cash Rewards credit card offer, with a separate insert about how opening the card creates a security interest in any money I have on deposit

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My replacement Citi Premier card with a new account number. To Citi's credit, they denied two charges as fraudulent from a Winn Dixie in Florida for $14.13. I live in Minnesota, and I've never set foot in a Winn Dixie store in Florida.


Upon opening the envelope, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the magnetic strip is now on the BACK of the card (where it should be) rather than the front. I absolutely hated having to explain to almost every cashier I handed the card to how to swipe it. :glare:

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Sync is relentless. Hit my mailbox again with a BP Visa offer. 12 months @ 0%, then 23% APR after that.

Amex Green and Hilton pre approvals.....they are detrmined to get me to app.

FNBO BT checks

FNBO Amex offer

AAA wants to sell me life insurance.

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An unsolicited APR purchase reduction from 12.24 to 11.99. I'll be rushing out to burn all the extra dollars this saves me. First National of Omaha


3X miles on purchases for gas, restaurants, grocery stores, drug stores, and mass transit through 11/30/16. Useful to me only for grocery

stores and drug stores because other cards give me 3X for the others. Citi Aadvantage Gold.


Balance Transfer checks at 0% with 2% fee good for 18 months. Drawback: Cannot be deposited into a checking or savings account, but can be

written to merchants or used, yes, for balance transfers. Capital One

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At some point we started talking about things that arrive via other delivery services besides USPS, so in that spirit:


- Drugstore.com order (final one before they close on 9/30?): Plackers, deodorant, three bars of African black soap, a bottle of rosemary mint shampoo and some melatonin.


- Drawer insert to organize kitchen utensils. I've been a maniac cleaning and organizing this house. I must have 300# of cookbooks, but now they're all in one place. I need to find a charity that will come and pick up the stuff I'm not keeping... this pile will never fit in my car.


- 4' x 3' Waterhog mat for the entrance from the garage to the house. The rubber on the bottom of the old rug was disintegrating and turning into dust. Gross.


- New pair of sandals


I haven't been to the mailbox yet.

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Letter from Barclays informing me my CP card got CLD from $1500 to $500.

Sorry to hear that Tampa i would tell Barclay's to take that 500 limit and shove it.



I actually have a use for the Choice Privileges card. I have a regular Barclays Rewards card that I don't really have a use for anymore, so I'm going to close that one and transfer the CL over to the CP card.

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<_< DW received a bounty of items from Fingerhut, Figis, and Amazon. What the freak is she doing ordering off Fingerslut?? Good lord woman!


She's not using a Fingerslut CC is she? That would make it even worse.


If it makes you feel better my DW order some sausage and cheese from Swiss Colony. Thank GOD she didn't apply for their credit though.

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<_< DW received a bounty of items from Fingerhut, Figis, and Amazon. What the freak is she doing ordering off Fingerslut?? Good lord woman!


She's not using a Fingerslut CC is she? That would make it even worse.


If it makes you feel better my DW order some sausage and cheese from Swiss Colony. Thank GOD she didn't apply for their credit though.


No. Probably used her own CrapOne card. She had a Fingerslut CC about 7-8 years ago and it went CO when her X lost his job and did nothing but loafed and mooched. DW does order stuff like summer sausage as gifts for people from Figis when she can't think of anything else to get them.

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      So- my credit file has not significantly changed in a long time (and I qualified for long-term zero% auto loan back in April).
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