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Apartment App Declined. Have 54 days to find a place to live

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They mentioned just that a few posts back....

And don't call me Shirley. 😼


Again, $86K per year comes out to about $5K per month take home pay.


OP said, "My monthly expenses are high b/c I live 40 miles away from work and gas alone is $400, car note is $579 and Car Insurance is $181."


That's $1160 per month for the car, gas, and insurance, leaving over $3800 per month for other expenses. OP appears to have no other debt except the $645 balance on the Cap One card and the student loans.


I noticed that nowhere in any of her posts did OP tell us how much her rent was per month, nor did she tell us how much her student loan payments were per month. Those are important pieces of information to know if we're going to properly assess her options.

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My current rent is well below market rates bc I live south of the city. Current rent $850. Rent varies from $1150-$1300 closer in-town near my job. I have found a rental town-home and will be meeting with the owner Sunday. I have all my documents together from the current management, student loan repayment, income verification and monthly budget is in the works. Will freezing my EQ and EX only allow them to see TU? What if they pull one of the others, is that an auto decline?

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You also might look for places that have an individual owner/landlord running the place as opposed to a property mgmt company. They might be more lenient.


Best advice.


Discriminating based on credit history is not against the law. Obviously, you need to rent from someone that won't check, because those scores will scream that you don't care about paying what you promise.


Go through Craig's list, or even the newspaper, and try to figure out who is a professional landlord, and who is someone renting their own property for whatever reason. Don't go through a management company, don't go through a locator, only pursue it if it is the actual, amateur owner. A single family home is your best bet to find the right situation, although a duplex might work. More units than that, and the landlord knows not to trust their gut and has probably had enough tenants and bad experiences that they know to run a proper application that includes credit. You want someone that thinks they are a good judge of character and prefers to rent to someone they trust at first sight.


If they are just an individual and ask you to pay an application fee, you can either move on, or try to politely ask if they will check credit. They will always do a criminal background check, some don't check credit, but if they require a fee they probably will check credit too. Best to just avoid it in your situation. Making your kids part of the conversation, having a great personality and saying you can move in quickly (not in 50 days) will help. Ask if there's anyway you can pay electronically, landlords younger than 70 like that and there are a bunch or services to make it easy nowadays. Landlords with an empty house want you to move in and start paying tomorrow in a perfect world.


I used to run a multi-office locator myself, so can tell you where you will have no luck.


Fun fact to be aware of - unlicensed, amateur landlords like this are not subject to Fair Housing restrictions. They can not rent to single moms or single males, only rent to people from their church, deny service animals, etc. They can't discriminate based on race (that is a different law), but can on just about anything else as long as they never get any sort of real estate license (or get enough properties to look like they want "landlord" to be one of their professions, some say > 4), or use a management company.

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Dallas is still a good deal. Prices are rising as the area is booming with new business development after the 2007 crash.


I live in a 4 year old high rise near downtown (1 bedroom) with front desk security and free, connected parking garage. Monthly rent is under $1500. Like every city, you have to know the areas and their respective real estate climates.


OP, You've gotten some great suggestions in the thread, and I would also try to get info from local realtors for your individual credit situation.

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I work in Smyrna. Did you go to one of the larger apt complexes? I am going to appeal the decision from Walton Communities.

Yes, I did.

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