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Nearing the 660-719 (Good) Fico Range. Next Card??


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How much rewards return do you calculate you are missing by waiting say 6 months?

i hav eno idea i do not know much about rewards.




i want to be prepped in advance. Right now all three ficos are right at about 620. Im expecting 1-2 more months of reporting and this last experian mark removed will put me there (maybe just the mark getting removed).


One I am there I want to know which ards I should apply for. Im worried because i dont know if i should apply for everything at once (like if i did one at a time it will look like many iquiries and more would get declined?) instead of doing them all at once? Or should i be picky and choosy? I currently have the following cards


open sky secure - 200cl 20 mmonths report


first progress - 550cl next month first month report


bank visa secured - 500cl will report next month


chase freedom unsecured - 2500cl


all paid early in full always.


The options on myfico.com for that score range are.


-chase sapphire preferred

-chase slate

-capone quicksliver cash rewards

-discover it chrome double cash

-milestone gold mastercard

-playstation card from cap one

-cap one student (not a student does it matter)?

-cap one venture ash rewards

-discoverit 18 month balancc xfer

-nfl extra points cc

-buypowercard from capone

discoverit chrome for stundents

-barclay arrival plus world elite

-discover it doble cash back

-skipped a bunch of other cap one offers for other brands "buying power cards" lmk if good

-credit one bank cash back rewards

-barclay arrival world mastercard

-cashback reward plus amex

-barclay rewards mc

-british airwaays visa signature

-marriott rewards


lmk what to ap for first etc thanks! also should i wait for my score to be a certain point in that range? My plan is to just keep dumping more funds to my secured cards between now and then.

You've got plenty of cards, and several are new? You should stop and not apply for anything for at least 6 months. Use what you have responsibly, don't forget to put it all on autopay in case although I would still pay manually.


You're going to get decline after decline if you try for anything now.


Put your energy into fixing your credit reports: start by pulling your credit reports and ordering hard copies in the mail, meanwhile read whychats credit repair documents and go over your reports then come back and post what you have on them. Once you fix this underlying problem your scores will really go up and you'll be able to get any cards you want.


It may take a little time, but it's worth it in the end.


already pulled all of this paying 29.99 a month for myfico too. All my cards are secured. I only have 1 unsecured. 650 fico you still think i would get all declines? My reports are immaculate with the last 198$ debt should be removed this week or next. Last thing on there is a tax lien which many have said here will / will not hurt me a few people mentioned very large lines with much bigger tax liens then mine.


Anyway the lien is frivolous too as my employer at the time misrepped my income and is now MIA. i am sending all docs etc to the irs this week so that should be off of my record soon enough too. I guess it doesnt reallly matter though I would told this will not affect much until i start having assets.

Sounds oddly familiar...







Also, I read your post in the mortgage forum





before I put the pieces together. You really need to slow down like everyone has advised.

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This is fkn nutz.


You're all over the place. You're trying to build biz credit with undesirable personal credit.


Do you even know what your ultimate goal is? Lifetime organic fish? No phone? You run a biz with no physical phone and just wifi calling?


Sorry dude... I call Geronimo on you.

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Life time of organic fish. I'm getting bad visuals here. I'm picturing some dude wearing Birkenstocks and a fanny pack. Maybe even a man purse.


Or its just some nut who claims to be allergic to everything and only shops at natural food stores, maybe even supports safe zones on campuses.

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Do you even know what your ultimate goal is? Lifetime organic fish? No phone? You run a biz with no physical phone and just wifi calling?



To be fair Uber technology doesn't have a phone and they've got bank... don't think they have any fish though.

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Well I'm a vendor for them (delivery services for their small machine parts for self driving car lab) and need to communicate with them on a regular basis about additional contact information and schedule changes... and I have to contact individual employees on their cell phones... they may well be lying to me but they say there is no land line for their facility.


It's they way the world is heading.

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You know what, dude? Just apply for whatever you want and get back to us with the results.


That's what you wanted to read, right? I can't wait to hear back. :unsure:


no actually i wanted you to tell me how to link those ficos bud #coldshouldered


Check your other thread for my reply to that.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2423 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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