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approved for Cap1 sparks biz- amazon cl stinks


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I got approved for the cap1 biz sparks 2000$ so if it reports that will be great. as for amazon I found out my limit is only a puny 2000$ that's the lowest I have ever had!!! I think I might have messed myself up though because I applied for the revolving today and they had me on hold for 1hr and called me back and told me I wasn't approved so I asked what my limit was on the pay in full and they said 2k. I have a feeling it was hire and they cut it. does cap 1 have any other biz cards besides sparks and Costco

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Thanks yes I agree they suck but if they report as some say that is a plus! also it will help when I apply for the Costco card if cap1 still has them when I apply. I also applied for the amex simple card is only reports to business 15k I will update which report when I use it... so far


staples-1000k no pg

od-500$ no pg


cap1 spark-2k pg'ed

amex simple 15k pg


and the other small net 30's quill, msc, etc


waiting on pnc biz don't know how long they take to email


started co in Nov.


new egg declined

dell declined

amazon revolve-declined

every gas card-declined-wex-fleetcore


I think ill lay off apps for a month until some of these report, they lady at amazon told me I got declined for the revolving because I don't have an eq file, I thought by now I would have one with the biz bank account. but they populate there data in a way I have no clue about! Anyone know if any of these report to eq biz? or the fastest way to get them to make a profile?

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Congrs, CAP1 sucks I have one too but I put my card to sleep a 1 years ago.


How does Cap1 suck? I have found them to be very business friendly and typically approve your CLI when you request. They sound like they want to earn your business and if you use your card heavily it will work in most peoples advantage.


We have a $35,000.00 limit on the Spark Business. Yes it reports to personal report (which does suck in a way but good in another with a high credit limit on your profile). We average roughly $70,000 a month in purchases so they have been willing to help keep up with our usage demand.


I guess each persons experience could very but we have had a positive one.

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I just discovered that Cap one Spark is reporting as a financial on my Business Equifax. I was very pleasantly surprised. It looks like its been reporting there since a few weeks after we opened that one (7/2015).


Soooo I went and app'd & approved for a Spark card on this 'new' business as well in the hopes of getting an Eq report going for it!

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The last post in this topic was posted 2315 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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