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Worst Bank Ever


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I bank with a smalltown local bank that changes bank presidents every year. I strongly dislike their service but I have two home loans with them, and they are undocumented (I'm self employed) so I've stayed with them for years as I feel it would be difficult to get a loan somewhere else.


They just called me to tell me that my loan has "matured" and I need to renew it. As a result, according to the bank this month, instead of owing the usual $203 that I typically pay, they'll believe I owe $14000. When I paid the $203 earlier this month, my loan was marked as late because I didn't pay the $14k. Next month on the 3rd, it'll be marked as late again. They need to renew the loan, but they wont have time to do so before the 3rd causing the 2nd late from them on my credit report. They would have discovered this sooner but the branch I bank at has no president (again). This is a reoccuring problem. Since I've been with them for like 10 years, they've had at least 5 presidents. No one ever knows what they are doing there as a result.


I asked the employee who called me what could be done to correct the report. She says there is "just nothing we can do". Of course I know from this site that this isn't correct. In fact, the last time this loan matured, there was actually a very similar 30 day late situation reported but they didn't call me in advance at all. I had to dispute on my credit reports. Of course, I won, but the bank ended up deleting the entire tradeline (!!) which actually caused my credit score to ultimately drop bigtime. The home loan with the bank is also my oldest tradeline. Ugh.


I filed BK like a little over 10 years ago, I've got about 10 credit cards, never a late payment on any loan since the BK, and my score is only a 630 because of various bad luck I've had over the years (this bank issue, WaMu credit card changing to Chase and them closing my account, WalMart changing to WalMart Discover and reporting a new tradelline; then WM credit declining me down from $3,000 to $250 for no reason other than my preexisting bankruptcy they already knew about when I applied originally, a collection agency reporting me for some equipment from a beta test that I was involved in where we never even had a prior agreement of anything at all financial which I disputed and won). Just seems like I have the worst luck with credit issues out of my control.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2225 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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