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Response from Transunion and Equifax


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I have been reading this site and it has helped me tremendously in my credit repair journey . I have deleted all previous addresses on Equifax and TU . Experian is a work in progress. I also successfully opted out of LN . I have an unpaid Federal and KS state tax lien on my report on all three CRAs.




I disputed both items with TU in July and they came back verified . Now, TU indicated the Federal tax lien was relieved in bankruptcy . Funny thing is I never filed . I redisputed in Sept after successfully opting out of LN . It came back verified . I filled a complaint with CFPB . Here is what I wrote " I received my credit report from Trans Union and it contained two public records which I have disputed and they have come back verified. I have spoken to the clerk of both courts and have been told they don't report nor provide any information to credit reporting agencies including Trans Union . Moreover, court records do not list Social security numbers. I would like to know how Trans Unionm keeps verifying this account. My SSN and the SSN listed in the courts do not match. So how does Trans Union tie this account to me (MY NAME). My Social security number does not match what is in the court records. If the court records don't match my records Trans Union needs to have documentation that matches my exact nine digit SSN, if it does not Trans Union must DELETE this account from my credit profile. Worse of all , there is an item Trans Union claimed has been relieved in bankruptcy . I have never filed for bankruptcy "


After about 7 days , they replied with this


"We have reviewed your complaint along with the information you previously provided regarding this issue. We contacted the Shawnee County District in reference to Docket # at (785) 251-5429 and verified your name and social security match to the State Tax Lien. Additionally, we contacted Cobb County Superior Court at 770-528-1332 in reference to Docket # and verified your name and social security match to the lien. The clerk also provided information that in their records the bankruptcy filing had been dismissed. Based on this information provided by the court, the tax lien under Docket # was removed from your TransUnion credit file. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows: Unpaid tax liens to be reported for an indefinite period of time, depending on your state of residence. "


They deleted the Federal lien and left the State . How do I attack the State lien in my response . I seriously doubt they contacted the court .





Disputed both items with EQ . They deleted the Fed tax lien and said the state lien was released/satisfied . It can't be as I haven't paid this lien. I intend to file a complaint with the CFPB next week . Need ideas on how to attack this via a CFPB complaint . Should I use the same TU complaint ?


I also have a CA account that EQ deleted after three weeks and TU verified in 7 days . I also intend to file a complaint with CFPB on this CA .


Thanks for this great site .


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I don't know . TU is the sole CRA reporting tax lien was relieved in bankruptcy . They deleted the fed tax lien from my report . It is now gone from both TU and EQ . EX will deal them next . Now , need a strategy to get rid of the State lien .

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The last post in this topic was posted 3175 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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