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The last post in this topic was posted 2051 days ago. 


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    • By CreditLuv
      I need some advice from the Synchrony Bank CB mafia (you know who you are on here).

      I've been to use the correct credit terminology (gardening) come October 1st, 2015 39 months since I last did a credit application (I know I know don't have a panic attack on me credit app junkies...take a deep breath and blow into a paper bag).

      Those two apps were Wal-Mart and Amazon store card.

      In this entire time period, I have never (slaps himself in the face back and forth) asked for a CLI from either of these Synchrony backed cards (credit ignorance before I found CB and Myfico is expensive I tell you) and I was approved for the Wal-Mart MasterCard in late August. Before my Wal-Mart Cinderella slipper falls off on October 9th, which is my deadline to say no to the upgrade. I want to ask for $25K from Wal-Mart and hope they counter to at least $4K-$5K and so I will have an MC at that credit limit when it converts over. Same for Amazon ask for $25K and hope for a decent counter.

      But I think I might've messed up from all the reading I've done on here.

      I usually use both cards at least once a month for the most part and my last statements just cut (Amazon is tomorrow) and both are at zero balances. I had purchases showing on both cards from my last statements (August).

      My question is should I buy something on (9/19 day after the Amazon statement cuts) on both cards and then pay them both off once both items post online in three or four days. Still knowing that my due date 10/7 and statement date 10/14 for Wal-Mart is going to be past when I ask for the CLI on October 5th. For Amazon my next due date is 10/10 and statement date is 10/18.

      I don't want my current zero balances to not be zero the day I ask for the CLI, but I've read to make sure you use the cards every month and PIF at least 2-4 statements for maximum CLI juice before you ask for the CLI. I'm also going to use the ultra-aggressive "Mendy Method" and every 61 days (should I wait 61 days from the day I get the CLI or is it 61 days from the statement date of that month I got the CLI?) I will ask for a CLI on Amazon, Wal-Mart and Lowe's. My credit every month from now until next summer will see dramatic score increases every month from my remaining few baddies following off and I will be 100% baddie free by no later than August-2016.

      Thanks for any help in advance and may the credit Gods bless you with massive BobWang credit lines.



      Mr. CreditLuv
    • By CreditLuv
      Around October 2nd, 2015 I'm going to call Synchrony's back door phone number and ask for my FIRST credit line increase in 39 months of having both the Wal-Mart and Amazon store cards. But I want to apply for a much needed Lowe's store card which is also backed as most of us know by Synchrony Bank. I will use it a ton next year and every year on building my mini-dream home (end of 2016) and a flipping business. Not to mention their huge credit limits that I need to help with my credit utilization rates.

      My question is should I apply online or call for the Lowe's card then immediately call the UW after getting approved first, then hang up and call Amazon and Wal-Mart second to ask for CLI's? Or do I ask for the two CLI's first and then apply for the Lowe's card second?

      On one hand let's say I get a CLI on my Amazon and Lowe's to $5,000 each, wouldn't that look better to Lowe's and lean them into matching my existing limits over the small pathetic lines I got right now with Wal-Mart/Amazon? Or do the two soft pulls before the hard pull of a new Lowe's card hurt me or vice versa if a hard pull is on my TU before the two soft pulls happen? Is it best to call all three on the same day within an hour or to spread it out so I don't look desperate?

      I'm going to ask for $25,000 limit on Wal-Mart, Amazon and Lowe's after I apply.

      Both my Amazon and Wal-Mart get used on average 1-4x per month on average, both are completely paid off, I have a 6-figure stated income and my real FICO 08 TU score when I apply will be around 680.

      Thanks for any and all input.


    • By harryfpotter
      I have EX frozen but not TU or EQ because I used to be pretty good with the B*. I'm wondering how people approach freezes. I'm hoping to spree soon. Should I freeze and app on the phone, that way I know exactly what they're pulling because they ask for a pin? Or should I unfreeze and just know they're going to pull. How do you use freezes?
    • By CreditLuv
      I got in the mail today after 37 months of having a sad $400 CL (don't judge) with a Wal-Mart store card a letter saying in 65 days (unless I say no) I will be converted to a Wal-Mart MasterCard.

      My question is should I convert or not based on my current situation outlined below?

      My credit profile is as thin as a crack whore and I've been gardening for almost 7 years. I get out of credit jail next year when I will be 100% baddy free.

      As of 9/1/15...
      My Oldest Account: 11 Years, 8 Months
      My Average Age of Accounts (AAOA): 7 Years, 7 Months
      Transunion score around 700 and no bankos, foreclosures, evictions, tax liens, judgments, etc. Only 5 collections/charge-offs that all fall off in 2016 or later this year with credit repair I'm in.

      My current open accounts....
      2-Cap1 cards $3,400 and $1,750 CLI (8 months since I got an auto and manual CLI from both Cap1 cards)
      1-Walmart store card $400 CL
      1-Amazon store card $1,000 CL
      1-luxury SUV loan (almost paid off)
      I only have 5 open accounts and this screenshot below shows my current old accounts breakdown
      ==> http://s27.postimg.org/a1g7wt07n/screen_2015_08_28_16_25_06.jpg

      My feeling is I should convert to a MasterCard because they'll close my existing Wal-Mart store card with 37 months of perfect payment history and give me a second CC line to show on my reports instead of just one line reporting. Plus, I would highly prefer a real CC over a Wally World one. But I'm a little worried about my AAOA taking a hit.

      Also before my deadline of Oct 9th when I would need call to cancel the conversion I'm going to call the UW for Wal-Mart and Amazon and ask for huge CLI's. My second question is should I call the UW back to back (Like call for Amazon finish and then call back for Wal-Mart) or wait a few hours or days between asking for a CLI and should I call to get an Amazon CLI with the higher limit first or Wal-Mart first? Amazon store card I've had for 37 months as well and with both I've NEVER asked for a CLI before because my credit scores sucked.

      Thanks for any and all help.
    • By Carla_P
      Ok I've been on here for a while, but I'm still a NEWBIE! I have done some searching and I still do not understand the term credit gardening or in the garden. Can someone please help me to understand. My scores on Credit Check Total are Eq 567, TU 568, and Exp 575. My CK TU is 590, all of these were before I paid my cc down to 9% utilization. At the time these scores were captured my utlization was 103% for one card 101%. ( I know I messed up!) My overall utilizaton was about 60%. So I'm sure that my scores have gone up since I've had such a reduction in utilization. I have 5 active lines of credit as follows:
      Wells Fargo Secured - $300 limit (1.9% utlization)
      Captial One Authorized User - $750 limit (9% utilization)
      Credit One Bank - $300 limit (9% utilization)
      New York & Co Comenity - $0 limit still open they suspended my credit line years ago. But still reporting $800 limit.
      HC Credit (Bowflex) - $1000 (0% utilization)
      I have one credit card that charged off years ago that is still showing past due $1760 on Eq which makes my utlization super high.
      Can someone please explain gardening to me. What I need to do to get these lines increased. On my CCT it said that the reason my score is so low is because I have such small credit limits. I need some serious HELP!!

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