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Best choice for PLOC?

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Had a question on the best odds approval for a PLOC of around $20-25K.

have $100K income. TU 757 average account age 14 years. credit file age 34 years. Oldest account Visa from 1986 with a 28k limit. 36% utilization on TU. EQ is 689 with 63% utilization. EX 750 with about 50% util. no baddies but EQ has someone elses $400 electric bill collection on it from 2 years ago. Just realized that today when I pulled my file. but no collection showing on TU or EX. 0 inquires TU, 0 inquires EX and 2 inquiries EQ.


not a ton of accounts showing. between 4 and 6 open accounts depending which CRA you look at.


Any ideas where I should apply for a 20-25k PLOC where it would likely be an easy deal? I don't have any affiliation to qualify for USAA or NFCU that I am aware of, so I guess those are off the table. I can deal locally in Minneapolis if anyone knows of a regional bank or credit union there.



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I am open to other possibilities than PLOC. Which cards might I be able to get that might open a CL at 20K to start with a 0% intro rate? I am not looking to carry the debt more than 6 months. I have a Citi and BOA cards both with limits in the mid to high 20s, but no longer at a rate I would find prudent to borrow a large amount against. thanks again

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I obtained some personal loans before. At the time, I had very low debt so that could change things. The 2 that seemed the most generous were the Discover personal loan and NASA. Discover gave their 25k max with no documentation very quickly. The interest rate was 7.99%, now it can go as low as 6.99%. I gave them my banking info, and I had the money in my account 2 or 3 days later. NASA also gave their 30k max. I think I had to give them a copy of my driver's license and two pay stubs. The interest rate was over 11% though.


That being said, if you can get a good BT offer, it will probably cost less. I am in a similar situation and am looking for cheaper money. You may find some useful info in the thread I started below.





Please update with what you come up with. I am going to pay off some CCs before statement cut and let them report to reduce the number of cards with balances before I apply for any new cards.

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Is Chase likely to match the credit line of my Citi or BOA card in their 20s? From what I can see on the pulls database, there isn't a large flow of $15K+ opening CLs. Are there other possibilities (other than NFCU which I am not eligible for) that tend to match the existing high credit line that are at least more prone to pulling TU or EX?

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The last post in this topic was posted 1978 days ago. 


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