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Did I screw up before I ask for CLI from Amazon & Walmart?

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I need some advice from the Synchrony Bank CB mafia (you know who you are on here).

I've been to use the correct credit terminology (gardening) come October 1st, 2015 39 months since I last did a credit application (I know I know don't have a panic attack on me credit app junkies...take a deep breath and blow into a paper bag).


Those two apps were Wal-Mart and Amazon store card.


In this entire time period, I have never (slaps himself in the face back and forth) asked for a CLI from either of these Synchrony backed cards (credit ignorance before I found CB and Myfico is expensive I tell you) and I was approved for the Wal-Mart MasterCard in late August. Before my Wal-Mart Cinderella slipper falls off on October 9th, which is my deadline to say no to the upgrade. I want to ask for $25K from Wal-Mart and hope they counter to at least $4K-$5K and so I will have an MC at that credit limit when it converts over. Same for Amazon ask for $25K and hope for a decent counter.


But I think I might've messed up from all the reading I've done on here.


I usually use both cards at least once a month for the most part and my last statements just cut (Amazon is tomorrow) and both are at zero balances. I had purchases showing on both cards from my last statements (August).


My question is should I buy something on (9/19 day after the Amazon statement cuts) on both cards and then pay them both off once both items post online in three or four days. Still knowing that my due date 10/7 and statement date 10/14 for Wal-Mart is going to be past when I ask for the CLI on October 5th. For Amazon my next due date is 10/10 and statement date is 10/18.


I don't want my current zero balances to not be zero the day I ask for the CLI, but I've read to make sure you use the cards every month and PIF at least 2-4 statements for maximum CLI juice before you ask for the CLI. I'm also going to use the ultra-aggressive "Mendy Method" and every 61 days (should I wait 61 days from the day I get the CLI or is it 61 days from the statement date of that month I got the CLI?) I will ask for a CLI on Amazon, Wal-Mart and Lowe's. My credit every month from now until next summer will see dramatic score increases every month from my remaining few baddies following off and I will be 100% baddie free by no later than August-2016.


Thanks for any help in advance and may the credit Gods bless you with massive BobWang credit lines. :D



Mr. CreditLuv

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I'd call today.


I think I only used my Walmart card a couple times a year. Probably had not used it in several months when I called for increase.


My history with Walmart card was that I had it for several years before reading about people calling. I called and asked for 10K...approved. I called again a few months later and asked for 25k...approved.


The hardest part of the whole process was getting the words out that I was asking for 25k on a Walmart store card. The rest is just sitting on hold for a few minutes while they go and check with someone. Good luck!

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Sync doesn't look at big usage when approving for a CLI.


I don't feel their is a need to go out and make a purchase before you call them. I don't believe that will have any type of factor in the decision.



Most of the decision is based on your credit report...


What other type of lines do you have ?

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Thanks for chiming in. I was hoping you, Mendy, Konrad and others of the CB mafia family would put your two cents in.


I don't have much for credit lines currently.


My credit profile is VERY thin hence why getting even a new Wal-Mart MC and applying for a Lowe's store card would help me so much in the short term. The sheer volume of accounts I need to get to build a decently deep profile is staggering and then start churning cards every two years as you and CB Mafia advice.


· 1-Hummer vehicle loan at 2.5% almost paid off, few thousand bucks left on the loan.

· 2-Cap1 cards with pathetic limits ($1,750 and $3,400) and I'm going to be asking the Cap1 EO for the first time ever in Nov or Dec for big increases (going to ask for $10K for each card) on those two card before I get advice from you guys on if I should try to merge the two cards or not since those two cards are both 10+ years old each).

· Amazon and Wal-Mart store cards that I've had for 39 months come October 2016, both with zero balances and I've never asked for a CLI before on either card.


My mother had a chronic illness and by my standards I considered her poor ($30K or less income) and no medical insurance. I tried to keep her afloat about 8-10 years ago and it destroyed my credit and life when I used to have really good credit. 100% of my baddies will be off by next August 2016 or sooner with some luck, I'm self-employed with a 6-figure income and I have almost 8 years AAOA.


Thanks so much for any and all help.

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I've seen over and over on these boards that Synchrony gives very generous automatic CLI. Over a year ago I applied for the Walmart store card and was surprised to get the Walmart Mastercard in the mail. I was even more surprised to see it came with a whopping $150.00 limit (yes, one hundred and fifty). I called UW and asked for $1K and was declined. I pressed the "luv button" today and received "this account is not eligible for a credit line increase".


I don't get it. Since the limit is so low I pay it in full every month. Sometimes twice. What could possibly be the deal?

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The last post in this topic was posted 2017 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By Cruecial
      Hey all, I've been lurking CB's for a couple weeks now. I've had bad credit for years now, trying to finally get it sorted and I think I'm close to finally making real progress. Here's a breakdown of where I stand today:
      FICO scores: TU (562), EQ (597), EX (554)
      Credit cards: 0
      Loans: $22,000 Auto Loan (GM Financial) at 17% APR
      Open Collections: 2 accounts $647 total
      Credit Inquiries: 23!! (Didn't realize how damaging they were when try to get approved for car loan)
      Missed Payments: 24 total - 22 of which are from two student loans I defaulted on in 2010. Student loans have since been paid in full. The other 2 are from a gas utility from 2014.
      I'm not really sure where to go from here. I've had quite a few collection accounts removed by Lexington Law, I recently read on here that I should stop using them, called about an hour ago to cancel and they gave me a free month. That being said, they have saved me about $3,000 in collection accounts removed in the last two months.
      Should I pay off the 2 open collection accounts, I'll be able to pay the balance in full this month but is it worth asking to pay less, will that jeopardize my chances of getting them deleted from my report? Once that's paid, I think I'll be at the point where I'm ready to begin building my credit. Would love advice on the best way to approach building credit from the low point that I'm at. I havne't applied for any secured cards because I'm worried I'll be denied due to the 23 inqueries on my account.
      My business partner is willing to add me to one of his rather high tradelines with low utilization, is this something that will still help or is that no longer relevant?
      Thanks in advance for any advice I receive. I'll continue updating this thread as progress is made.
    • By dvd
      A friend just recently paid off their C/O Amex account and got the Optima Card last month. Ive read that once you pay off Amex in full and get a Optima Card, the negative tradlines "fall off" your reports. Has anyone had recent experience with this?
    • By laatl
      I have been reading this site and it has helped me tremendously in my credit repair journey . I have deleted all previous addresses on Equifax and TU . Experian is a work in progress. I also successfully opted out of LN . I have an unpaid Federal and KS state tax lien on my report on all three CRAs.
      I disputed both items with TU in July and they came back verified . Now, TU indicated the Federal tax lien was relieved in bankruptcy . Funny thing is I never filed . I redisputed in Sept after successfully opting out of LN . It came back verified . I filled a complaint with CFPB . Here is what I wrote " I received my credit report from Trans Union and it contained two public records which I have disputed and they have come back verified. I have spoken to the clerk of both courts and have been told they don't report nor provide any information to credit reporting agencies including Trans Union . Moreover, court records do not list Social security numbers. I would like to know how Trans Unionm keeps verifying this account. My SSN and the SSN listed in the courts do not match. So how does Trans Union tie this account to me (MY NAME). My Social security number does not match what is in the court records. If the court records don't match my records Trans Union needs to have documentation that matches my exact nine digit SSN, if it does not Trans Union must DELETE this account from my credit profile. Worse of all , there is an item Trans Union claimed has been relieved in bankruptcy . I have never filed for bankruptcy "
      After about 7 days , they replied with this
      "We have reviewed your complaint along with the information you previously provided regarding this issue. We contacted the Shawnee County District in reference to Docket # at (785) 251-5429 and verified your name and social security match to the State Tax Lien. Additionally, we contacted Cobb County Superior Court at 770-528-1332 in reference to Docket # and verified your name and social security match to the lien. The clerk also provided information that in their records the bankruptcy filing had been dismissed. Based on this information provided by the court, the tax lien under Docket # was removed from your TransUnion credit file. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows: Unpaid tax liens to be reported for an indefinite period of time, depending on your state of residence. "
      They deleted the Federal lien and left the State . How do I attack the State lien in my response . I seriously doubt they contacted the court .
      Disputed both items with EQ . They deleted the Fed tax lien and said the state lien was released/satisfied . It can't be as I haven't paid this lien. I intend to file a complaint with the CFPB next week . Need ideas on how to attack this via a CFPB complaint . Should I use the same TU complaint ?
      I also have a CA account that EQ deleted after three weeks and TU verified in 7 days . I also intend to file a complaint with CFPB on this CA .
      Thanks for this great site .
    • By TechieTechie
      First time poster, thanks for all the great info on this site...hoping you can help.
      Mid-aged single person, have finally gotten to a financially stable point in my life. Pulled my credit yesterday from Experian's $1 offer, and my scores are good, not great. 701 (Experian & TransUnion, Equifax: 698. I would like to get my credit above 780, but to be able to use my credit cards for as many purchases as possible so I can get points to travel (I do several international trips a year).
      Had a terrible history with credit, dating back to college. Used them as free cash and got into real trouble. Finally 10-15 years ago, realized that I had a problem managing my credit. Really scaled back and cut back on cards (using only my ATM/Visa and 1 BOA) to get used to buying within my means. Opened up my first card (SPG Amex) almost 2 years ago, and have had good success managing that (pay in full every month), so I'm ready to build on it.
      The current stats:
      Good wage earner: $16k+ month. It's just me.
      Own home: $320k in mortgage. All on time payments last 24 months, was 60 days behind in 2010/2011 (see below).
      1 small car loan: $10k. All on time payments.
      1 Corporate AMEX: (doesn't show on my credit reports)
      1 SPG AMEX: Opened 12/13: $17k credit limit, high spend of $8k. Pay in full every month. 20 month clean payment history. Have been using it for everything possible for SPG points. But realizing I'm charging too much on it (the report said something about using more than 30% of my credit).
      Oddly enough, I just found a writeoff due to an old utlity bill ($72 bucks!!!)...so I have to figure out how to get that off. The only 'deliquent' that shows active on my account.
      Old accounts: Fixed
      Owned a condo before the house. Tried to buy the house/sell the condo at the same time during the recession (2010/2011), had to carry 2 mortgages for a year. Ouch. Had some trouble manging both payments, as you'll see below:
      DCU: HE load for condo renovation. Potentially negative close (but I Paid in Full before closeout).
      15 months of okay payment
      4 months 30 days late
      1 month 60 days late
      NHSA: Condo mortgage: Potentially negative close (but I Paid in Full before closeout).
      18 months of okay payment
      2 months 30 days late
      1 month 60 days late
      1 month of 90 days late
      DCU: Car Loan. Potentially negative closed. Paid in full, all but 1 on time payments. 30 days late. Was traveling, forgot to send in payment (duh).
      Old accounts: Credit
      BOA Card 1: Opened 3/1/2004, High balance of $15k, potentially negative close. Closed the account after I closed on the house, as I used it to fund repairs to get the condo sold.
      Past History: 2013: ND, 2014-2015: OK (odd, because I dont' think the card was open). Should I re-open this card? I had called last month (I ran across an old card), and they were happy to reopen it. Challenge is, I won't/will rarely use it (no points) but it's good credit aging.
      BOA Card 2: Opened 11/2006, High balance of $5k, Current close.
      Past History (2009-2010): All ND
      Chase Cards (2): $15k and $6k credit limit. Looks to be closed in 2007, okay payment history for 2006-2007.
      Store Cards: Macy's, Linens, Lowes,Talbots, Yale Electric : All closed, good payment history.
      So the question is, how do I increase my credit score. I'm thinking I shoud:
      1. Dispute this old National Electric charge
      2. Reopen my BOA account
      3. I'd like to open another account, for points. Either Chase Sapphire or Citi Premiere/Prestige.
      Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!

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