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I canceled Dr appointment and now am getting a bill HELP!

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I recently had a Dr. Appointment. I wasn't happy with the DR. The 1st time that I saw him I waited 1 hour and was in front of hm for for less then 5 minutes. I made another follow up appointment but called them up a few day before the apointment and canceled it.


A few weeks later I received a bill for $50. His waiting room iwas filled so it's not like he didn't have any patients to see.


When I called the office to ask about the bill they said that I didn't cancel. I told them that I did.


They definitly won't budge and the letter that they sent me said that I will be turned over to a collection agency.


I don't have any proof that I cancelled since I did this over the phone. Again it was more then 24 hour notice.



What exactly can I do so I don't get turned over to a collection agency? I feel like posting a bad review on every review website that I can think of, but that won't stop them from turning me over.


I would like to do something before they turn me over to a collection agency. I know that it would be easier to just pay the $50 but I don't want to go down that road..


Thanks in advance



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Pop in and be sweet as sugar and ask but honestly your best course of action is just to pay and soon, avoid collections.

And yes I know, the principle of the thing, cheap education, $50 bucks to avoid this doctor.

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Thank you for your reply. I agree that just paying the $50 would be the fastest way to end this matter but when I cancelled the apointment and said I would find someone else to go to that is why they sent me the bill and ncluded the statement about collections.


Surely there must be something thsat I can do so that I am not blackmailed into giving them the $50.


Again that you.



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Most clinics and doctors have web sites that outline their cancellation policies. Go in with a printout of the policy and a copy of your phone records. I highly doubt they dinged you $50 because you said you were going to another doctor. If they're that vindictive, it's up to you how much you want to spend to prove your point. Hundreds? Thousands? If they won't agree to waive the fee when you act nice, then you have to find a lawyer or spend the next 6 months to a year attempting to sue them. And then you still have to prove you called and cancelled outside the cancellation window.

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The last time this happened to me I was on the way to my appointment and got stuck in traffic. Called them on my way to let them know I'd be 10 minutes late and they told me 'sorry we can't see you later than your appointment time, call back to reschedule'.


A few days later I got the $50 invoice in the mail for a missed appointment. My approach is probably not recommended but I've had ongoing health issues for 7 years and every little bump in the road like this is infuriating after what I've paid out of pocket already.


I firmly told them to remove the charge, explained what happened and never heard another word about it. I did request a written record of the cancellation fee being waived just in case it surfaced.



If you called and cancelled the appointment, they are in the wrong for charging you. I'd have no problem holding my ground on that and it's not your problem to handle how they record information after you made the phone call. I'd give em hell over it and bend them until they break. If they don't break, worst case scenario is you got it off your chest, pay the $50 and walk away. It's not worth the hit on your reports for sure.


Summary - do everything you can to avoid paying it and make them drop it, worst case scenario = pay it and move on. Today's problems are not tomorrow's problems and it will soon be in the past either way.

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