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Repossesion Dispute process

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Thanks for the help so far Whychat I have followed your guides and have made good progress. My last deletion came in for my unrecorded judgments.


All disputes are in with all 3 and I am ready to work on Repossesion letter.


I have all the gathered info ready I need to clarify the process.


Initial dispute with all 3 CRA's...


Need to know if I dispute with the OC at the same time as well or wait for the CRA'S to report back?





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You should always start with the initial dispute letter, it is possible that you will get the account deleted from one or more CRAs.






Please ask the mods to move this to the regular credit forum, it is too confusing to have non medical accounts in the medical forum and it will help more people if it is in the correct forum.


( PM me to alert me to look for it when you need help)

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