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Applying at Lowe's do it before or after asking for Walmart & Amazon CLI's?


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Around October 2nd, 2015 I'm going to call Synchrony's back door phone number and ask for my FIRST credit line increase in 39 months of having both the Wal-Mart and Amazon store cards. But I want to apply for a much needed Lowe's store card which is also backed as most of us know by Synchrony Bank. I will use it a ton next year and every year on building my mini-dream home (end of 2016) and a flipping business. Not to mention their huge credit limits that I need to help with my credit utilization rates.




My question is should I apply online or call for the Lowe's card then immediately call the UW after getting approved first, then hang up and call Amazon and Wal-Mart second to ask for CLI's? Or do I ask for the two CLI's first and then apply for the Lowe's card second?




On one hand let's say I get a CLI on my Amazon and Lowe's to $5,000 each, wouldn't that look better to Lowe's and lean them into matching my existing limits over the small pathetic lines I got right now with Wal-Mart/Amazon? Or do the two soft pulls before the hard pull of a new Lowe's card hurt me or vice versa if a hard pull is on my TU before the two soft pulls happen? Is it best to call all three on the same day within an hour or to spread it out so I don't look desperate?



I'm going to ask for $25,000 limit on Wal-Mart, Amazon and Lowe's after I apply.




Both my Amazon and Wal-Mart get used on average 1-4x per month on average, both are completely paid off, I have a 6-figure stated income and my real FICO 08 TU score when I apply will be around 680.




Thanks for any and all input.






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I don't that's why I'm asking. :dntknw:
But as thousands of people have stated on this forum and other credit card forums for many years getting high credit lines on one credit card can and does help you attain higher credit lines on other credit cards. Now is that the case with the same bank (i.e. Synchrony Bank) I have no idea and it's why I'm asking for the best strategy to maximize my results.
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The last post in this topic was posted 3013 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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