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Has anyone had any issues with a BT to Sync or missing payments?


On Aug. 4 I made a balance transfer to Sync from my Cap1 card. I just find it so easy and quick to make payments through the App.


I called Cap1 last night because my payment still hadn't cleared. The 2 other BTs i did at the same time have both cleared. The guy(from cap1) said that my payment had cleared on Aug 17th. He gave me the cheque number and all other details and then i called Sync.

First off, Syncs automated system absolutely sucks. Then I finally get a person, answer all questions and then be told that he doesn't see the payment(DUH!) and that I need to contact Cap1 again and wait till Monday. Absolutely no responsibility and they dont even attempt to look into it any further.


Now I have to get a copy of my Cap1 statement showing the payment and fax it to Sync and that could take another 7-10 days.


Just terrible service. Might actually close the account and stick with my Chase Amazon if I can get a CLI on there.


Anyone have any suggestions or experience with this?


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