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Paying a COLLECTION ? Any benefit ? FICO 9 ?


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Hi all! New to this amazing site as a poster, but been lurking for advice for a year now. I started rebuilding 10 months ago with scores in the high 400-low 500's, am now at:


TU 566

EQ 561

EX 582


These are myFICO scores. True FICO 8. I have 2 baddies left -- one Collection that I just paid for $316 from Portfolio Recovery on behalf of Cap One, and one First PREMIER CO account for $416 unpaid, due to age off in April -- however, I am awaiting this to be deleted as I did a direct dispute due to major inaccuracies in reporting across all 3 bureaus. Now, I have 5 credit cards as follows, and have gotten my UTIL down to 55%, from almost 90%. My goal is 25% by October, as I know this will greatly improve my scores as well. Here are my limits:


Barclaycard APPLE VISA: $3,000 - $2,600 balance financing iMac

CareCredit: $3,000 - $1,299 balance 0% APR

Western FCU VISA: $1,000 - $1.50 balance

Capital One QS1: $1,000 - $299 balance

Credit One: $600 - $225 balance

FingerHut: $250 (LOL!) - $0 balance


​I am discouraged that my scores aren't higher, and I am now told that paying that collection may not jump my score at all. HOWEVER*** I was told by FICO directly that the newest scoring model, FICO 9, IGNORES collections that have reached a $0 balance! If only I can find lenders who use FICO 9 -- any ideas here ? Once that reports as a closed, PIF Collection (it's only 5 months old), my score should go up a bit with the FICO 9 at least, not sure about FICO 8. . .


Also, if FP deletes my CO, as many have had success with after a direct dispute, I could see a jump too. Any and all advice here is much appreciated. I am getting discouraged, as my VantageScores seem to jump each time I pay an account or UTIL down even a little, but FICOs much slower. I am aiming for a 640-660 by Christmas, to app for higher end cards with higher CLs! Thank you in advance, I am excited to be on this journey with so many others! -- Joey



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TBH, the only way I would pay a collection that was reporting would be if the CA agreed IN WRITING to permanently delete the TL and, if it was a settlement for less than the full balance, agreed IN WRITING to never reassign or sell the remainder to anyone else, ever.


Short of that, they can pound sand.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3111 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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