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Free Amazon Prime for your credit tips

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We have a very generous member (NoPresetSnarkLimit) who wants to give you free stuff!


Tons of great info here on CB, let's turn your helpfulness and knowledge into a free year of Amazon Prime!

Rules: The winner will be selected by post number in this thread, post as many times as you wish with as many credit tips as you wish. Total post count of the thread at the contest expiration date will be entered into a random number generator as well as two backups in case the winning post number doesn't include a credit tip. (For all you off-topic posters) :grin:

Tips: From advanced techniques to credit 101, share them here to be eligible to win. Try not to duplicate tips posted by others (this means you should read all the tips posted ahead of you) but a duplicate does not prevent you from winning.

Sample tip: You can freeze your credit reports to prevent unauthorized access to anyone attempting to open an account in your name.
Sample tip: AAOA stands for Average Age of Accounts
Sample tip: Some creditors are stingy with CLI's and you may be better off opening a new account with them and combining limits.

The winner will receive a PM with a redemption code for one year of Amazon Prime, please note, it doesn't matter if you are new to Amazon or already have a membership, the redemption will "stack" on top of your current membership. Must redeem by August 20, 2015.

Duration: The contest will end on August 16th at 6 PM CST but your tips will live forever on this thread.

Exclusions: Must have 25 posts (by contest end date) to be eligible for prize. Winning post number must include a valid credit tip. If your tip is nonsense, generally considered untrue, or potentially harmful to others you can not win. Any debate on acceptability of the winning tip shall be decided by CB Admin.

Please join this contest in the spirit in which it is intended; to share your knowledge, help others, and win a prize. Don't make extra work for the Mods by bickering but please feel free to correct any bad tips you see and don't post the same tip over and over 100 times just to increase your odds of winning.

Get ready, get set, get tipping!

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Have a strategy and reason for the cards you get....especially if they're via SCT. Then, have a very, very, very good reason why.


PS... what a great thread idea as well as an incredibly generous gesture!

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Student loans do affect your credit score. Ex: a deferred student loan for $3,000 will be viewed as a $3,000 credit line AND maxed. Your score will lower even further if you don't pay the interest and it EXCEEDS the supposed credit line. Ex above $3,000 loan plus interest $3,200. You will be scored according to going over your limit. Whille, deferring might be ok with some school loans, your credit report is a whole different animal. So at least pay your interest while in school.

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Portfolio diversity is extremely valuable as you are building/rebuilding.


You never know when something may happen with a lender to cause you to lose the ability to use your card. I always carry a card from at least 3 different issuers in my wallet at any given time.


Certain issuers also have promos and it's nice to have a variety of cards to take advantage of these offers.


US Bank for example has recently had statement credit offers just for adding your card to Visa Checkout.


I added my Kroger Rewards card for a free $10 then DW linked hers a few weeks later under a separate promo for a free $20. That's just one small example for doing nothing. I've otherwise never used the card due to its low credit limit and poor rewards compared to my other cards.


Also in the event that you do need to carry a balance, having a variety of accounts typically leads to an influx of balance transfer offers...forever going forward.

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There used to be a method to "remove" hard inquiries from EQ and TU credit reports known as "bumping" or "B*" taking advantage of a system overflow flaw with soft inquiries. This no longer works as daily self-monitoring services were recoded and no longer accumulate as soft inquiries.

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If you don't like one of your credits cards, consider calling the bank and asking for a product change to a different credit card program. This will save you from closing an account and opening a new one with the same bank.

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If you receive a summons, make sure you submit your answer to the courts within the timeframe specified on the summons. They say around 90% are won by creditors for the simple fact that people don't submit their answers in the allowed timeframe. Failure to do so will cause a judgement against you. A default judgement that will include attorney, court, and interest fees. And don't forget, they can also put a lien on your assets I.e. Bank, house, car, boat, whatever you own or partially own.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2133 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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