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Credit help for Canadians

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Hello all,


Having seen many sites that mainly focus on US based credit help, I recently decided to start a Forum site dedicated to solely Canadians, and the credit system that is !#$ing canadians. Having gone through many experiences with Equifax, TransUnion, OBSI, Ombudsmans, The Office of the Privacy Comissioner, Consumer Protection Ontario, etc - I am hoping to help others fight non-consented inquiries and inquiry removal (very hard in Canada). Apparently in the US you can put a shield around your credit by blocking inquiries??? Not in Canada. It's a free for all. I've been fighting the credit bureaus here in Canada for the past several years and have been victorious in all cases but one (due to my error).


I want to welcome any Canadians looking for credit advice/help with their credit to visit my forum, yourcreditreport.proboards.com if they are not finding what they are looking for here or simply want other resources to look at. I will also participate on this forum as I can see it's well established, and I hope they don't mind my plug :)


I'm very experienced with Equifax if anyone is looking for advice here or on my own forum. Hoping to help other Canadians. Thanks in advance to the moderator for allowing my post.






Equifax 840 (as of July 2015)

TransUnion (805 as of July 2015)




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I'll allow it. We don't usually approve links like this, but we want our Canadian friends to have all the resources they can find, since there are very few sites that address Canadian credit.

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Thank you to the admin.


One of the most interesting and fascinating things I kept coming across in the USA oriented credit sites is the technique of BUMPAGE. I was thrilled to test it and can confirm that it does work with Equifax Canada. So, to my Canadian friends, give it a whirl!


I also some some questions by posters about whether there are any Canadian free monitoring offers. Good news. The Home Depot attack affected Canadians as well, so you can use the same free offer on Equifax.ca. I have the full info and link to the offer page on this thread/link:





It's a no brainer - no strings, just 1-year of their premium plan. Again, it's a result of the home depot act and the damage control. I use it and run a credit report any time I like. :rofl: When it expires this fall, I don't know if I will renew it by paying for it, as I cringe at the thought of giving Equifax money!



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