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My story is complicated so hopefully I can get some good responses. I got a big break today with a mortgage situation. My fiancé sister got me my the pay history on a mortgage account. The loan was given to me in 2008 by TAYLOR BEAN AND WHITAKER. They are now shut down and no longer in business and the owner is doing 30 yrs in the FEDS. <------ I wonder why???? Anyway BOA got the loan back in 2009, and even though I don't have proof of it except for an old credit report, the dofd should be in 2008, and thats what showing on the old credit report.

Also I know it was in 2008 because when they got the loan it was a payment behind and the reason I know that is because I sent TB&W a payment western union and they never picked it up. I never realized this until about 2 yrs ago. I got a letter in the mail from western union stating they have money on hold that belongs to me that I sent to someone that never picked it up from 2008. Once I realized what it was I tried to recover my money and info on who it was that I sent it to, and they told me even though they have the money, they can't release it to me because of some big lawsuit thats been going on for the past 4 yrs that involves peoples situations similar to mine. They basically don't want to pay the consumers the interest they made off the millions of dollars they are holding.

So now back to the loan. BOA transferred the loan to Carrington Mortgage in 2014. Going by what I said earlier this situation proves the dofd is supposed to be in 2008, and also I read somewhere that mortgages are not supposed to be purchased by another service provider while not in a positive state. If this is true then thats a violation on their behalf, and on top of that I got my pay history from BOA today and they don't even have my payment history from 2008. All they have is 2009-2014, I thought they are suppose to get all information that is attached to your file when they purchase a debt. The pay history back in 2008 from taylor bean and whitaker is no where to be found, but BOA has it starting from 2009 in June.

Once a service provider buys a loan are the documents supposed to have the complete history and everything else in it? Also for some reason they have not foreclosed on the home. So with all that said I would like to know if I truly have a shot at getting this removed from my reports? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated

Also a side note, I called the bureaus to ask about this account and one of them told me that the TB&W had been deleted from my account. The thing is for some unknown reason TB&W had been deleted from my reports back in 2011. I mentioned this because when I was talking to the CB rep. I never mentioned TB&W name, they just told me about it. Once I asked the young lady if she sees the history there on TB&W she said no, but I know she was lying. Why would they have the name on there files but not the pay history, That made no sense to me. Also I thought the CB delete info out of there systems when an account is removed

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How is this mortgage currently reporting? If the DOFD is June 2008 the TL would still be there but the negative history should be gone, as of 7 years from DOFD.

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Cv91915 the mortgage is reporting as late. But I haven't made a payment in over 5 yrs and by there records there saying the dofd is 2010 but I know for a fact it was in 2008 with the original provider. Also I was wondering because they don't have the the 2008 pay history is that a good fight to pick with the CB?

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