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Baddie Disppeared: Should I Pay OC to Keep It Away?


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I had a small $56 baddie from an electric utility that went to Online Collections. I'd left it sitting around because it was < $100 any my only baddie.


Now it has disappeared. Nice to have a clean report.


Should I pay the OC, my local electric utility the $56 to make sure it doesn't come back? DFD is 6/2011 this has three more years to bite me. (I'm not in New York.)


I have three debts like this; small missed final payments from a move. Wondering if it's better to pay them or to leave them be.

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Yesterday I went down to the electric company and paid them their $56.14. The baddie came off my credit report and hasn't come back. I'd let it SOL, but someday soon I'll probably need to get electricity in my name. (It's currently covered by landlady.) I owed the cable company company $32.71. Just put a check in the mail. The oldest one is ~$150 for a FOAD quality ISP, so bupkis for them.


In a year or so, I'll be getting a new place. I'll have to get electricity for the new place so I'll have to get right with electric co. If the baddie comes back between now and then I'll re-age a baddie on my credit report.


At the moment there's a chance that it electric co. will keep things off my credit report if they're paid. I'm assuming that these tiny baddies get shuffled about from one collector to the next. My guess is that my name went to a collector, then came back reasons that had nothing to do with me, because the electric co. had a spat with the collector and said gimmie my baddies back. I want to pay electric co before they pass the shoebox full of deadbeats on to a different collector.


So there, it's decided. Let's see if this causes those baddies to surface on my credit report. Time will tell.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2826 days ago. 


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