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Casino Visit Got Out of Hand

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The best odds in a casino -- depend a great deal on the casino. For my money, I go with video poker. In Biloxi, there are a number of casinos.


Consider this: $1 Jacks or Better Video Poker with this pay table at The Palace vs $1 Jacks or Better Video Poker with this pay table at the IP Casino Resort
Pay table is 5/8 Pay Table is 6/9
which means:
Theoretical return of 97.353% + Cash back of .125% = 97.478% Theoretical return of 99.543% + Cash back of .06% = 99.603%
( 97.471% is the real return, because that cash back must be given So, if I'm going to gamble when I go see UFC 202 this weekend, and I feel like I must play, I will play
in the form of game credits - you can't actually get cash back) here, as opposed to there.
With the $20 food credit and the $30 free play I have, it's worth the trip. The key for me is to only bring $20 for the fight and just play with the free play. I have one card I bring that doesn't have a pin assigned, so I can't get a CA. (Guess if I really wanted one and was willing to pay like 10% for the privilege, I could, at the cage instead of the ATM)
The longer you play at a casino, the more likely you are to lose. I'm sure that's not a surprise to anyone.
There was a time when I'd play with a whole lot more cash, but I hit a royal and have been afraid to go back, lest they get it all back.



Basic statistics. The expected win/lose spread for any given type bet over a large number (N) of bets increases in proportion to the square root of N. The average loss (or house take) is proportional to N. If you want to maximize the chance of doubling your money put it all on one, even odds bet then walk. Betting smaller amounts until you bust or double your money, which is what most do, reduces the probability of succeeding a lot.


This is one of the more fun things to program, when you are first learning to code.

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The second most incompetent thing you could do is to leave the money in savings and not pay off the card. ..the first was spending 3k from a cash advance

I lost $5 on penny slots at a casino recently and felt like a complete fool.

when the table limit is $20k,   there's still plenty of money to be made.....

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