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The Master Travel Redemptions Thread

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On 4/30/2021 at 3:08 PM, cv91915 said:

Airfare is suffering from temporary insanity, so this is a good time to have various travel points in the bank. 


A couple of weeks ago a flight attendant on AA told me that every plane that had been grounded would be back in operation in May. 


Travel is back.


Domestic roundtrips in Economy that I've sampled recently are pricing in the $600s and $700s (and more) right now. 


There were plenty of good fares left for redeyes, which were only recently added back to the schedule. 


I've done eastbound domestic redeyes a few times, but only once to save money.  No thanks.  I can't sleep on a plane unless I'm in a lie-flat seat.


Booked today:


05/16: One-way, SAN-MUD, AA Economy, for 15,693 US Bank points + $179.88 (in lieu of $415.18) *

05/23: One-way, MUD-SAN, AA Economy for 14,533 US Bank points (in lieu of $217.99) *


* I used the balance of Mom's US Bank points before she cancels her Altitude Reserve next week.  She didn't want to keep the card for another year, and had no immediate use for the points.  The 5/23 flights were reasonable so I normally would have used plain-old cash, but I needed to burn the points now, so... burn, Baby, burn.




06/04: One-way, SAN-FSD, AA Economy, for 33,010 MRs @ $0.01 each (in lieu of $330.10)**


** This was an "Insider Fare," courtesy of my Amex Platinum.  This one-way itinerary was pricing at $368.xx everywhere else, so the ~10% discount was nice.  I don't yet know where I'm going from FSD (TAD has vague work travel plans for June and it's against my policy to sit at the Mud Hut with just the cats), but I'm certainly not staying in the area longer than family commitments require.  


It will be interesting to see if these flights posts to my AAdvantage account as "special fare."  Last year I had a couple of segments purchased with US Bank points that unexpectedly posted this way, and I ended up with a lot more miles than I otherwise would have.  



Looks like I'm heading back to San Diego from Sioux Falls.  One-way in AA Economy:  $378.20.  :lol: 


I put this on hold via aa.com on Sunday, and rather than re-shop through various travel portals yesterday I just completed the purchase there and put the charge on my Aviator Silver. 


I need to put $50k on that card in 2020 anyway, for the extra 3000 EQDs I'll need to renew Executive Platinum status for 2022.

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Just booked airline travel via Amex Travel on United. Prices were good. Used pts for SAN -DEN and HDN -SAN on return. Only out $15. Not bad.

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I just booked two nights at the Homewood Suites Sioux Falls South, June 4-6, for 30,000 Hilton points per night.


Cash price would have been $346.76 for two nights.


34,676 / 60,000 = 0.58 cpp



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