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Discover luv button fixed: Your credit line has been increased.


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I have been working at the small CLI's on my 2 Discover cards and finally got a $500 increase to make it to $40,000 on the oldest card.  I figure I will just keep using it more often and see if they do anything in the future.  I had taken a large balance transfer for over a year to use the money in the stock market and finally paid off the balance before asking for the tiny CLI. LOL.

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Yesterday I requested a CLI on my dad's Discovery so my parents could get 3% back on new appliances they're buying for a kitchen remodel at their summer home.


Current limit is $7,000 :lol: and they have a $2,000 balance at the moment (balance is PIF every month).


Discovery says:  FOAD💩 


I'll ask him to watch for the letter to find out if he has too much income, or if it was his great credit that resulted in the denial.



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7 years in, finally topped $50K!  

Started with, I think, a $2,750 credit limit on approval.  Increased to $3,500 on activation.  Now, probably 20 successful Love Button pokes (and 20 to 40 unsuccessful), I got back to back $1500 Credit Limit Increases in two months.   

Thanks for all the help over the last seven years, CB Gnomes.  


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I've posted this in my thread, but should add it here for future readers. I got no love from Disco for years and I never used the cards. Once by chance I put a large charge on one card and got an auto-CLI a couple of months later. Then it happened again a few months later.


So then I tried putting large charges on all of the cards for a couple of months and tried for a CLI and was approved on all of them. They just really want to see use. If you use the card, you can get lots of love. 

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