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Discover luv button fixed: Your credit line has been increased.


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I just got offered a 300 CLI is it even worth accepting?



I called in before accepting it online and I was transferred to the CL increase department the rep told me based on my history with them they are comfortable giving me 1K CLI or I had the option of getting a HP. I declined them both. Who knows how long I would be stuck with the "Not enough time at this limit" or whatever the verbiage is.


Take away: I think you can call in before accepting online and see if they will offer a higher limit with the SP. It's the second time it happened for me

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I love these threads... They make me itchy to pull the triggers and I can't help myself.


Instant increase of $2,800 taking me from $8,200 to $11,000. Got a $1,300 increase in November; denied in December.


Hit the button for DW. Instant increase of $2,000 taking her from $8,000 to $10,000.


Poor DW. I've had my card for 8 months and have gone from $5,500 to $11,000. She's had her card for 18 years and has only just now hit $10k. Of course, she never asked for CLIs until she met me and I used the wonderful information I've learned here to help her.

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What happened to Disco's luv button? I haven't played this game for about a year, (with the last few replies "Not enough experience at current CL")?


Just tried to click it tonight, (and it took me back to their new FICO Scorecard).


The only reason I bothered is because MY TU 08 just topped out @ 850 a few days ago, (so I was curious),, LOL...


FWIW, I'd gone back to home, and then clicked account details, then "Request A Credit Limit Increase".


Any one else see this problem?

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