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Business credit building from scratch.

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On 8/7/2017 at 3:24 AM, Rothstein1928 said:



It would appear that credit limits are not recorded on Experian or D&B, which begs the question, why is everyone getting so excited about opening a Dicks Sporting Tractor account (for example !) with a $5k limit.........when they dont want to buy anything from them ??


It seems to me, all this net 30 is a waste of time, and money.............its a long time before it actually contributes to anything getting anything tangible, i.e. MONEY ! ?


The reporting is hit and miss at best.........and any company you apply to checks your PC if you are under 3 years old company anyway


I feel its quicker and easier to get a couple of secured business cards, use them to death, and reply on good old turnover through your bank accounts to get credit..........all banks care about is turnover, thats what gets you big credit, not buying $60 worth of crap for 2 years..............


Unless im missing something, things have changed , a paydex may have opened doors ten years ago, now its pretty pointless ?


This does make alot of sense.


I dont see how multiple $60 reported tradelines will help anyone build any reasonable business credit. Yes some may give you $50k in credit but none of that is being reported so how does that help your business obtain high LOC's?

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I just read all 64 pgs of this thread , (took a cpl dayz) and the only REAL problem I see is that it STOPPPED being UPDATED! What gives ppl? Come on... We all knw its new/updated reqi to get these accts frm tier 1 to higher tier's with & without PG. Hey BRBbiz, lets keep it goin 

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On 3/10/2015 at 5:48 PM, BRBiz said:

So as many of you know I tried this before just to see if the process of getting approved has gotten better and that was derailed by DNB..We know it has gotten better but let's see how much.


I just moved back up to NH so even though I was already registered as a foreign company up here I needed to withdraw that company and re form domestically.


I much prefer a Inc over a LLC for credit building but because of taxes ( Yes NH has taxes and actually pretty high for businesses) I formed a LLC.


Started with the basics;

Formed LLC

Local business number via freedom voice

Residential address

Company in the construction industry

Listed On Google places and a few other search engines

Placed a order with MSC Direct to get started. I will say I use to say Grainger was the easiest account to get new but I have put MSC direct at the top of the list. You literally create a account online and either call or chat give them your tax id and your instantly have a $1k limit. Also they report very quickly.


The one cheating part that may come into play is I was able to transfer my business Verizon account to the new LLC in NH so that may taint the results a little if they report.


I need some more promo materials so Amsterdam will probably be my next account.


I will update this thread as I go. And I may try to duplicate the results down the road with another company. I will have at least a few more companies for tax purposes, NH has some serious tax on profit over $50k and also doesn't recognize S Corps not to mention a tax on dividends.

Net 30


reports to all 3

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