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JDB, Portfolio Recovery Assoc, SOL, soft pulls, etc

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Hoping you guys can help. My credit is pretty good, completely clean, if a little thin/young. Working on that. Already added an AMEX that I can backdate to 1997 when I was an authorized user on my parent's account in college, and rehabilitating my student loans which will show up as an account dating back to 2005 when I finish rehab and they start reporting again. That is all thanks to everything I've learned reading here. Seriously, you guys have been monumentally helpful. I would never have known about AMEX backdating or student loan rehabilitation w/o you all!!!


"Reporting again" indicates just how long my student loans were in default, as they had completely fallen off of my credit report. I also had a Capitol One card.


The date of first default on the Capitol One card was probably in 2005 or 2006, and I live in Maryland where the SOL is 3 years. The exact date is hard to tell, I had never ordered a copy of my credit report until January of this year. This is just based on my memory of when I still had the card, and the possible last time it was usable. I know that it had already stopped reporting in June 2013, as it didn't show up on the credit report they pulled as part of a background check for a new job at that time.


Since this account is NOT on my credit reports, the problem is JDB. I'm getting phone calls from Portfolio Recovery Associates. I only know that by Goggling the phone numbers. They haven't left a message, and I've never answered the calls. I only had 3 credit cards at the time, I know I paid off the other two. I had NO credit cards following that time when my financial life when to hell around 2005, until last year when I opened new ones at my bank (USAA). This Capitol One card is the ONLY thing Portfolio could possibly be calling about. I've also read here that Portfolio buys from Capitol One.


The issue is that I want to buy a house. The timing is fast & critical. I can't start the process until my student loans come out of rehab in April, but before the end of my lease in August. I've read here that JDB will often report, even if illegally, on your credit report when you're applying for a mortgage to strong arm you into paying a debt past the SOL.


So what can I do preemptively to keep that from happening?


Also, from getting my credit report in January, I know that Portfolio been doing soft pulls on my credit report , and are claiming a permissible purpose. I've already opted out, and re-checked my Experian credit report since then. Again, more things I learned to do reading here. You guys are the best!! Portfolio has soft pulled since I opted out, again claiming a permissible purpose. What Can I do to stop that?

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So anyone can soft pull, even while I'm opted out? I guess I misunderstood that. Thanks for the info.


I admit that this is not what I wanted to hear, but maybe exactly what I needed to hear. Sounds like I'll need to wait a year. I had been hoping to buy the house by August. Lots of reasons, some financial some not. I was honestly more worried about time than money. Pulling off the timing of beginning and finishing this between April & August. This is possibly the first time in my life I've been more worried about time than money. It's weird, and I'm not patient.


I appreciate it, even if I don't like it.



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No, anyone can't soft pull. Anyone you have an account with, anyone who says you owe them money, if you are not opted out, anyone who wants to make you an offer. The CRA's sell special services to collectors, and if a CA has your name subscribed, they may be able to get certain information.


A lot of the laws have changed recently, but I'm not sure how they have affected this aspect of reporting.


Do the mortgage test app. It will draw them out. Or send them a DV based on the phone calls.

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I'm opted out.


All the soft pulls are from my existing creditors, and all the hard inquiries are recognizable (background check for work, 2 new credit cards win the last 2 years, background check for my apartment). The only unexplained thing is Portfolio. I was opted in before I pulled my credit report in January, and there are a bunch of obviously promotional soft pulls (BofA, CapOne, AMEX before I opened that card, etc).


Everything went to hell financially for me in 2005. I couldn't find a job when I first got out of school, and when I did it didn't pay nearly enough. I floundered around for like 2 years, and jumped on the low paying job. Then I got stuck there when the economy tanked in 2009. I switched jobs last year, and am finally on the right track. I make enough to pay my student loans and live get by. I started rehabilitation for my loans, and opened my first credit cards since I lost everything in 2005. But there was basically nothing on credit reports from 2005-2013.


All the trade lines currently on my credit reports are good. There are 4 credit cards. Also some old/good/closed accounts from past car loans that are paid off, or store cards that were paid but closed due to inactivity. Everything bad aged off before I even pulled my credit reports.


That is to say I'm guessing that Portfolio is after the Capitol One card that was charged off and is past the statue of limitations. I paid my only other two cards.


Assuming that's right, then there's nothing I can do about it?

Just do a test run on the mortgage application, see what comes out of the woodwork, then deal w/ whatever that is?

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The last post in this topic was posted 2386 days ago. 


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