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Approved for NFCU car loan at 1.99%!!! #picinside


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I can drive to the nearest LAFCU (40 miles away) and they will beat it with a rate of 1.75%, but I am not sure if its worth the drive to save 0.24%. Do you guys think I can tell NFCU that I am going to go with LAFCU to see if they will match it so it saves me a trip?


Anyway, I am picking up this bad boy after work: :)



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The difference will be like $200 over the life of the loan.


Take a 40 minute drive each direction and a couple hours of your time and that takes a chunk out of the $200 difference.


The bigger question is which institution would you rather do business with for the next 3-5 years?

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I'm solidly in the don't ask don't get camp. I'm not allergic to no, though that doesn't mean I enjoy hearing it. So I'd ask, but if they said no, I'd still stick with them because really, if its as Konrad said and only $200 over the life of the loan - eh, after you factor in your drive time and the value of your personal time, is $200 worth it? But if you ask NFCU and they say yes, well, it didn't cost you anything but a phone call. And I don't know how things are with your dealer, but when DH and I went to get his new car we had check in hand from NFCU. When we got down to the nitty gritty and busted out the check, the dealership countered with a marginally lower rate and a tiny rebate to switch - so we did. And I'm glad we did too. I love Navy - been with them 21 years (man I feel old when I say stuff like that), but they have never goodwilled me a damn thing, though they did work with me when things got rough 10-12 years ago. But about 6th months ago I wasn't on top of things, just a simple stupid screw up slipped through the cracks thing, and got hit with a 30 day late on the auto loan. I just got it removed through a goodwill letter, the letter came yesterday, so yea, as much as I love Navy, it didn't work out and I'm glad we switched. So even though we went with dealer financing, it will be back to NFCU for the next car.


What ever you decide - CONGRATS on the new car!

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I decided to stick with Navy and didn't haggle for .25% as they have done so much for me.


Anyway, here are the pics of my new ride. Thanks CB!!!! :wub:





Nice ride Foe, and that is a pretty good rate also! :clapping:

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The last post in this topic was posted 2891 days ago. 


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