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Need legal representation in Maryland/Santander ConsumerUSA

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Sought - Highly-rated consumer attorney. State of Maryland, District (or 4th Circuit).


A search of this board (or just Google) produces literally hundreds of identical complaints to mine:


Not a Santander customer (originally Citifinancial); no contract with the former

Paid monthly online to ensure appropriate credit - staggering 'convenience fees'

Payments still not credited appropriately

Loan has matured - ALL payments made per loan terms. Account listed as 'Current.'

Somehow, more than $8,000.00 in fees, various and sundry, show on account


Never signed arbitration agreement. Auto was never repossessed at any time. Credit history is flawless.


Class underway in Massachusetts. Wish to initiate same here. Please contact via CB.

Lurkers or non-identifiable individuals will not be responded to.




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Your best bet is to contact a consumer attorney for your legal problems with Santander. Did you keep good records of all of your payments? Class action lawsuits can be long drawn out affairs with little or no return for the plaintiffs. Did you file complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or your state attorney general?

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Indeed. I'm turning to the wisdom of these boards to see if anyone here has had success specifically in this District with large-scale consumer action (I have, but not in this District). We have researched others here (also Virginia and North Carolina); the amount in question is outside the realm of Small Claims. It is not related to a reposession, or an argument about arbitration. My partner is a lawyer (unfortunately, not consumer law) he suggests this is more than viable as a class action. If you are aware of the legal challenges confronting Santander now in the U.S. alone (Google: Department of Justice; CFPB, etc.) than you know whereof I speak. The web is literally awash in complaints against the company, particulary as pertains to billing fees and practices. It's the reason CFPB has now jumped onto the pile.


To answer your other questions: Yes, I have all documentation and records (down to the original solicitation letter from Citifinancial and all payments). I am preparing the complaints to CFPB and my SAG; however, these may need to be part of the larger complaint.

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This message is 749 days old.  We'd prefer it if you'd start a new topic instead of replying to this one.

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