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My Progress Since 2012..


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Hello all. It’s been while! I started out here inquiring about how get a paid state tax lien removed which was placed shortly after my bankruptcy discharge at the end of 2011 (double whammy!) and how to rebound after bankruptcy. After following WC’s methods, my lien was validated. Disappointed, I pulled back and laid low for a bit. I remembered the advice I received here regarding the few credit cards I had acquired then, and, putting fear aside, started using them as instructed - paying in full before statements cut, minus an occasional $2.00. I starting reading CB again, tweaking my credit focus and absorbing all that the great minds here have to offer. Unfortunately, I still have a bankruptcy and a tax lien on my reports (although I was amazed that the lien suddenly disappeared from my Experian report!).




AFNI, Discover, Chase, GMAC, Macy’s(?)



Bankruptcy (9/2011); Tax Lien (1/2012 - Pd)



AFNI - obsolete - used DOFD

Sears - disputed late - lost positive trade line in process!

Cap 1 (GW- late)

GMAC - obsolete - but for Equifax - verified . DOFD: 4/2008




Barclay Rewards: $9,500 Opened: 1/2013 CLI: 7/2014 $3,500 (recently moved 4,500 from P.L.)

Capital Secured: $2,100 Opened: 2/2012 Closed: 1/2014

DCU: $5,500 Opened: 1/2013 CLI: 8/2014 $2,500

Kohls: $2,500 Opened: 1/2013 CLI: 4&10/2014 - $600, $1,000

Logix: $8,000 Opened 1/2014

Macy’s: $3,500 Opened: 12/1997 CLI: 4&10/2014 - $600, $2500 (although listed as IIB, remained opened, but does not report)

Price Line: $5,000 Opened: 1/2013 CLI: 7/2014 $3700 (recently moved 4,500 to BR)

Quick Silver: $2,500 Opened: 1/2013 CLI: Denied (acct not used enough) (upgraded by Capital One last year) - auto 500 increase

US Air: $5,000 Opened: 11/2014

UNFCU: $500 Opened: 2/2014 Checking Account; ($500 LOC app. mistake)

Venture: $10,000 Opened: 12/2014

Walmart: $400 Opened 1/2014 CLI: Denied 3x


Other Credit

Navient - $7,000 Opened: 2004 School - Installment; GAFCU $5,000 Opened: 7/2014 Personal Loan - Installment


Denied: AmEx (thought chance since previous member), PenFed (2x), Diner’s Club


CURRENT MYFICO SCORES: Equifax-701, TU-675, Experian-699


I thank you all for your amazing leadership and encouragement!

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The last post in this topic was posted 3314 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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