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Need advice on : $ 75 Private parking-ticket => Collection Agency Account ==> Dragging my score by hundred points

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== One and half year ago, June 2012 ==

About one and half year ago, I had gone to an apartment complext, to discuss with them about lease transfer from my friend who was staying there. Obviously I had parked in the "Future Resident" parkin spot.

By the time I buzz my friends door and call him down, and enter the building leasing-office, I am told, that a parking-notice ticket was served. (I honestly do not remember about that ticket. Don't remember seeing it, or anything about it.)


== January 2013 ==

I have started monitoring my credit score using myFico thing and it has been showing excellent score.

Dec. 2014 my score stood at 800


== 15 Dec 2014 ==

I was talking with my bank about my mortgage, where they mention me about the "Collection account" in my credit report and my actual experian score being 668.


Upon further enquiry, I found that I have a "collection account" in the amount of $75. from


== Collection account ==

PO BOX 55849
(206) 367-1720
Account Number:
Original Creditor:
Address Identification Number:
Status: Collection account. $72 past due as of
Jan 2014.
Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on
record until Apr 2020.
Date Opened:
Reported Since:
Date of Status:
Last Reported:
Credit Limit/Original Amount:
Recent Balance:
$72 as of 01/2014



This single item is dragging my score down by (probably) 100 points. I have tried to contact the original Creditor and CA people over phone asking if there is any way of removing this collection account against my name, and I was not successfull.


I am thinking of following three options (in order of likelyhood)

1. Contact Lexington-Law and with their help ask the original creditors to let go of the original credit, with incentives.

2. Pay of the Collection-Agency full amount

( Q : Can any one tell how much it will impact my credit score ? )


Can someone with experience with small amount (<$100) collection-account please help me out with what is the correct course I should take ?

Also I did not understand why my "FICO" score from equifax is "800" but my bank-person is saying experian score is "668" ?
Can they have such big differences in them ?



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The last post in this topic was posted 3193 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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