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Chase Freedom was hacked - Happy New Year!

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On my way to Atlanta yesterday I got a text. I was suspicious

When I got home I checked out online banking, nothing

I then checked my email, email from Chase Fraud

I clicked the link in the email, page error

I called today.



Actual card was used to purchase $200 at a dollar store in Columbia SC. Chase said it was in in store purchase so someone had replicated my card.


My Freedom card was used at Home Depot and Target.



New account

One more TL



This is the 2nd CC of mine to get hacked in the last 2.5 years.

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This has happened to me twice in the past few months where someone got a hold of my account number


No big deal.


Call chase and they will cancel old card and reissue new card


You should probably get your card by the end of the week

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The last post in this topic was posted 2454 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By Rjbstl
      Back in 2010 I filed ch 13 bankruptcy, converted to 7 in 2011 and discharged in Jan 2012. House was included and I never reaffirmed or paid the mortgage..stayed in home paying taxes and insurance waiting for them to foreclose. EMC and Chase sold the servicing to realtime resolutions. Debt for home was discharged and shows on report as included in bankruptcy. Last spring I recieved a lien release for 2nd mortgage and now yesterday I recieved a lien release for my first mortgage from Chase. Since the debt was discharged, did the bank just give me a house?
    • By MJPEREZ77
      Hey fellow CBers:
      I hope everyone is enjoying themselves during this time of year. I have a question. On December 15th I FINALLY embarked on my app spree after putting it off for longer than I had wished. Well it paid off (more to come on that in another post! )
      My question is, I checked my mail on Tuesday and had an Invitation to apply for the Freedom Card. Here is my dilemma/question:
      1) During my spree I app'd for and was approved on the CSP $22K and Ink Plus $10K (though I feel that I could have received more had I answered other usage questions with higher numbers). So will this Freedom Invitation be null and void with those recent approvals?
      2) If I can apply, do I apply NOW? Or wait til I B* TU and freeze EX? (I am worried if I do this the new accounts will be reporting by then (total 6) and as of right now only Barclay's is reporting with 6 INQ on TU, but I can't freeze EX via online, says I must mail in, so I will call Monday.
      Any and all recommendations are appreciated! Thanks to all again, I will be updating CPDB and posting my approvals in the next few days. I know they are baby steps, but I am very happy with results and have CB and all of the awesome members here to thank!!!
    • By Aahz
      A little background....
      I spent the last few years with FICOs bumping around between 650 & 680 as a result of several charge-offs and their associated late payments. The last one aged off in late October and when my scores didn't pop up at all I discovered there was a misreported delinquent account on all three reports. With the help of all you great folks here at CB I got that removed and BAM! 770s across the board in November!
      That left me with three cards in my portfolio-
      Merrick Bank @ $3100
      CapitalOne QS @ $1000
      DCU Visa @ $6000
      As soon as my scores popped up I went on a bit of a spree-
      CapOne CLI to $4000
      Sallie Mae @ $12,500
      Double Cash @ $8000
      DCU CLI to $10000
      BofA Better Balance @ $9000
      Planning a vacation soon I realized I could use Sign-up bonuses to cover some of the major expenses, so...
      Last Night - US Airways @ $10000
      Which left me looking for a hotel card. Decided to go for the Chase IHG Rewards because it seems to be the quickest to get some free nights and
      BOOM! Approved for $24000! Nearly double my highest limit.
      That's five new cards and $70,500 more in credit (a seven-fold increase!) in less than 5 weeks.
      Couldn't have done it without all the great info and advice shared by so many generous folx here at CB!
    • By Mister305
      Hello everyone. Happy Holidays. I received an invitation to apply for the Chase Slate card. Applied and received a decline. The decline is based on my TU, per the decline letter. I had no baddies, until Ocwen started reporting a mortgage that I lost in 2008, and stating that I was late in 2013, but now its current. I don't know if I should call chase and if i do, I don't know what to say. any advice?
      One or more accounts are not paid as agreed
      Length of time since oldest credit card was opened is too short
      Length of time since newest account was opened is too short
      Too many accounts opened in the past 12 months.
    • By david_weaver
      Emboldened by my recent and successful app spree, but disappointed I did not top my existing high limits, I am ready to start aggressively tackling CLIs.
      Start with Synchrony:
      I have a Home Design Furniture account. CL is $6,800. As of Friday, balance will be zero.
      I have a Care Credit. CL is $2,500. By next week, balance will be zero.
      I have a Lowe's. CL is $5,600. By next week, balance will be $2,500 (no interest).
      I see many posts on here to go for $35,000. My highest CL is $8,000. Should I go for $35,000 on all three and just let them make counters if that is not feasible?
      Also, do I do all three at once, or do I do one, hang up, call back, do another, and so on?
      Then comes Chase:
      I have a Marriott. CL is $8,000.
      I have an Amazon. CL is $3,000.
      I have a Slate. CL is $500. Makes me me sad just to type that.
      All will have zero or near zero balances within the next few weeks.
      How high do I shoot with these requests?
      Also, as with above, do I do them all on the same call or one at a time?
      If I do them one at a time, will it be three hard pulls or will they use the same one?Or, will it be three hard pulls no matter what?
      Lastly, say each card gets a $2,000 raise, could I then push limits around and make Marriott $15,000 with the other cards at $1,250 or so?

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