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A few weeks ago I started the initial dispute process for 3 medical collections that I discovered on my CBR from 2009 and 2013. Although I have not received an official response via mail from TU, I just logged in to my Credit Karma account and saw that one collection (reported by Central Financial Control) was updated on 12-26-14 as CLOSED. At this point, should I patiently wait for the mailed response to my dispute from TU or should I proceed with the next step and send the dispute letter to Central Financial Control now?


I know for a fact the account reported by CFC is invalid because a totally different CA is reporting the same account on both EQ and EX. Any advice will be appreciated!!

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Are you following the guides??





Did you use the initial dispute letter:?



I hope you opted out and deleted old addresses before disputing.


"closed" is not a valid response to a dispute. You need results directly from the CRA and IF you used REAL reports with an individual report # you can check the status of the account by using the "back door"

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Hi. Yes, I have been following the guides. I was unable to use the back door for TU because I have exhausted the times I can view that particular report however, I did confirm via phone that a dispute was being processed and the results will be sent via mail. The EQ back door states status PENDING with an estimated completion date of 1-19-15 and EX shows nothing yet; I was told they have not received any mail from me although I have proof of delivery. I will take your advice and wait until I receive correspondence via mail. Thanks again.

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Today I was notified that 2 of 3 medical collections were removed from my report following the guides listed here. I'm so excited! Now I have to deal with Central Financial Control/Syndicated Office Systems regarding my last account. However, I would like to ask some advice. Last week, I met the CEO of the hospital that placed said account with the CA. When I introduced myself, I wanted to talk to him about the account but decided against it since the time and place was all wrong. I've created a letter to send to him to see if I can get the account deleted. I'm even willing to pay the account but I have not received the necessary paperwork to prove the exact balance. Should I send the letter to him? My thinking is....if anyone can get it deleted, he can.

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DO NOT contact the OC or the reporting CA until you have COMPLETED the HIPAA letter program.


Have you opted out??

Have you deleted old addresses (if you have moved since the date of medical service)?

Have you sent each CRA the initial dispute letter from the HIPAA program guide??


Have you received a response from the CRAs??

You do NOT at this point have any confirmation that the remaining reporting CA has ANY current business relationship with the OC. They may have obtained your account data from a data miner or from another CA.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2300 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By allclear
      Hi all 
      I have a medical/doctors bill for $1,400.00 from April 2019 that is showing only on my Experian Credit Report. 
      The "Account Name" is showing as a CA. The "Original Creditor" is showing as the doctor.
      I've followed @Why Chat's guide; opted out, checked addresses, and sent the pre HIPAA Dispute Letter to the reporting CRA - I'm showing it was received on 4/16/2021. So far I've received nothing from the CRA - I know it's a bit early. 
      Here is where I could use some advice/guidance: 
      While the OC bill is valid it is incorrect. I was very sick at the time of service in question, my doctor was on vacation so he had me go in and see his office mate a doctor who does not accept insurance. I distinctly remember said doctor kindly saying he would only charge me $200.00 for the visit. Unfortunately all I have is that verbal agreement - b/c of my health at the time I left the office without collecting any paperwork or making a payment.
      1. I've tried calling the OC's billing department and explaining this but there was nothing they could do other than refer me to the CA.
      2. I also emailed the doctor reminding him of our verbal agreement - I've yet to hear back from him. 
      3. The CA called today, I answered. I told them the amount I owe is $200 not $1400 and that I would take it up with the doctor. 
      Any further action or steps in the HIPAA process I can take now? - I really need to get this off my credit report - It's tanking my score and we are looking to lease a car ASAP.
      Would I be foolish to dispute online with Experian? - I assume the answer is yes.
      Would be grateful for any and all advise/guidance.
      Thanks in advance!
    • By Wealthwomaninthemaking
      Hello, I received a Collection letter in the mail today. I called and the woman on the phone stated can you pay a lower payment and I said yes. I know this was a mistake. But she said she will check with her manager and call me back. The collections is from a 2017 hospital bill. But there is nothing on my credit from this agency or the hospital. My questions are do I pay this debt that is not on my credit? If I do pay is will the company report to the credit bureaus? Or do I send a validation letter? I’m leaning towards not paying it but I don’t know if it will go on my credit even though it has not in 3 years? Any advice would help. Thank you!!
    • By nikkihouse
      I tried to schedule an appointment with my doctor the other day, I was informed I have a past due bill that was sent to collections in 2014. This bill has never shown up on my credit. I called today and asked they send me an itemized bill, I’m not sure if this debt valid or not. I had insurance in 2014, I wonder if there was a misstep with the doctor’s office sending the bill to insurance company then contacting me for the remaining payment. I do not want to take the chance of paying on something (if it’s not valid) then it shows up on my credit. 

      Should I follow this path (if it’s valid) of paying the debt with a bank check or money order with an endorsement on the back "for deposit only to the account of (name of Dr.) using https://whychat.me/hipltr.html insert "a?" Should I contact my insurance company from 2014 to see what was paid and what was not? Not sure how to proceed since I haven’t been contacted and this is not on my credit. I've used WhyChat's method before but not in a situation like this.  
    • By Eddie21
      Whychat thank you very much for sharing; and I've been reading through your program guide for quite some time now, and I would like to think that I've understood the steps and how the process works. However, I got confused and not sure what the next step should be. 
      - I sent the Initial dispute letter for 5 medical accounts.
      - Experian: 2 Accounts deleted, and 3 were verified as Accurate
      - Equifax: All Deleted
      -Transunion: 1 Deleted and 4 are still in the collection section but moved to a sub-section with status closed, and they all still have balance. The Remarks on all of them: "Account information disputed by the consumer, meets FCRA requirements."
      - I didn't receive anything from the collection agency
      I'm not sure what to do next as I have different results. I understand that If the accounts are verified, AND I received NOTHING from the reporting CA, I need to send the reporting CA the "MEDICAL DISPUTE VALIDATION LETTER" I want to confirm this is my next step.
      I appreciate any feedback. 
    • By LT7
      I have 2 medical collections for 2 different providers being reported to Experian and TransUnion by the same CA and a 3rd collection with Equifax with a different CA.
      I started the HIPAA dispute programs for all them with these results:
      TransUnion:  both items were deleted Experian: both items were verified with a note to contact the CA for more info Equifax:  No Response at all and no deletion  
      I started the HIPAA dispute program  for the Experian collections but skipped the 2nd step of Medical DV to the CA by mistake.  Instead, I  sent money order payments to both the OC's using the HIPAA letter and have copies of the deposited and canceled money orders from my bank.  The collections have not been deleted  and I haven't receive a response from the OC's at all.
      Knowing the I missed the DV step with the CA, what should I do now to continue the process for getting the Experian entries deleted?
      For the Equifax entry with no response, do I just start over again?
      Thank you!

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