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Citi Diamond Preferred Card - APPROVAL!

The last post in this topic was posted 2166 days ago. 


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My 350th Post!! :clapping:


Final step for the DW for 2014. Approved for $13K on their 11.99% Diamond Preferred, HP on EQ.


Her Scores:


Exp : 789

TU : 798

Eq : 806


Over the last fourteen day app spree, she's scored:


AMEX EDC - $9,400 to $28,200

NFCU Flagship - $10,000

NASA Visa - $13,000

BECU - $25,000

BOA - $8,200 > $16,400

USAA - $16,000

Citi - $13,000


For a total of $104,000 in new credit! :yahoo:


She did apply for a second NFCU card, that's still under review.


Off to the garden till next year for some CLI requests. (I know, a lot of GIF's, just celebratin' a little :blush2:, ok, a lot! )



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The last post in this topic was posted 2166 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By smc733
      Hello all,
      I am wondering if anyone else has experience/advice to offer on this predicament. I have 6 cards, listed below for reference:
      Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa Sig $10k/9.99 (6/2010)
      Citi Diamond Preferred MasterCard $10.2k/11.99 (10/2012)
      Chase Freedom Visa Sig $10k/15.24 (1/2012) (Call in to the EO about reducing the APR, given how much I spend, good luck to me though with Chase's stubbornness)
      Amex BCE $12.6k/10.24 (9/2011)
      Barclay Ring MC $5k/8.0 (4/2012)
      Discover IT $19k/11.99 (9/2012) (Yes, subprime Discover loves to give me $4-5k soft pull increases every few months!)
      Anyway, the Diamond Preferred is a good "backup" MC to keep in my wallet in case a purchase gets declined on a Visa card. I would like to have the World benefits, and mainly, I want it because there's no reason with my profile, limits, etc... for me to not have it (I had a Dividend card I closed because I got mad at Citi two years ago, which had a lower limit and was still a World card).
      I've seen some people meet success just requesting a World card via phone (as I did with my previous card), but this time I am having no luck.
      I've called the regular numbers, and even the EO & Twitter. When I find someone who even understands what I'm asking, they just start rattling off a list of annual-fee carrying airline cards I can convert to that are World cards. They've also told me you can only get offered the upgrade, which just doesn't sit right with what else I've seen. My conclusion is that Citi is pushing World/Sig away on no-AF cards, as it seems like anything without an AF (TY Preferred Visa, DP Visa, Simplicity Visa), is marketed as a regular Visa, while the AF cards are marketed as Sig cards.
      Does anyone have an idea as to what I can do? Can I convert to a Dividend card if it isn't offered anymore? Is there anything I could do to get this converted to a World card?
      A very frustrated smc733
    • By Quietman
      Whoo Hoo!
      DW was just approved for NASA Visa Platinum Rewards, $13K, 9.9%
      I'm trying to make sure she has a complete credit profile, she has no credit unions yet. Although, she was just accepted to Navy FCU (based on my membership). CC application there is "pending".
      Her FICO scores:
      Exp : 789
      TU : 798
      Eq : 806
      The NASA HP has not shown up yet, but I'm guessing it will be Experian like mine was.
    • By Menta33
      My DW emailed the Citibank CEO asking for a goodwill deletion. They called her to get account info, then responded by letter a few days later that stated in part:

      Do you think hey misunderstood our request? We are asking for deletion from the Credit Bureaus, not from their own internal records.
    • By NewbietoFinance
    • By Emeraldautomotive
      After 1 1/2 years I was finally approved by barclays it's the frontier card with a 1500 CL. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on if I should call an recon for a higher limit.

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