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Medical Collection Dispute - Transunion Deleted / Equifax Confirmed

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Hello All,


This is my first time posting although I have been reading on and off for a little while now. I have been on the road to rebuilding and 2015 is going to be a big year. According to all 3 reports all of my current negative information is scheduled to delete by 8/2015. However, I have a collection that popped up that is not mine. It has a date of 2010 for DOFD. I disputed with Transunion and Equifax.


Transunion investigated this for 2 weeks and then they deleted it. Equifax validated the debt the very next day which seems odd to me that it was done so quick. I called Statewide collection agency and they could not provide any information to me other than the creditor is FLS Holdings, Inc. which I have never heard of. This is my first post to this awesome board as it is the only thing that will be reporting as a negative once all of my negative items fall off next year. I called Equifax to ask what information was used to verify the debt and they said it was all done electronically and that they could not send me information and that I could only dispute it again.


MyFico says all 3 scores are EQ 640 - EX 644 - TU 643


Thank you for your help in advance

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Go to the medical billing forum, and check out the "WhyChat" method.


Works pretty well for medical collections. I got one knocked off two of my reports very easy.


Still dealing with it on the 3rd, but I have guidelines now.

+1, I've asked mods to move your post to the medical forum.


Why Chat will help you. He helps everyone in need.

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Thanks for moving it to the right place. I will follow WhyChat's guide and let you all know how it turns out. When I spoke to Equifax on the phone today they were going to dispute it again. Should I wait for them to come back to me with a result before I follow the guide?

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Follow the guides:




If it is showing as a medical account-- follow THIS guide:



If it is showing as anything else-- follow this guide:



make sure you do NOT do any disputing of anything on line or by phone, do everything "snail mail" on paper through the PO. Go to the PO and get several certified mail forms so that you will have the #s to include in your initial dispute letters.

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I have two Medical collections on my Experian that are going to drop off in 08/15. They are valid debts but I am afraid to touch them and possibly make things worse. Since they are valid debts should I follow the Guidebook? What if the debt comes back as validated? What would be my exposure at that point? I am so close to having all of my negative items removed that I do not want to make a misstep.

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You can start by opting out and deleting old addresses ( if you have moved since the dates of service)

You can NOT dispute anything to any CRA if you have entered ANY kind of dispute within the past 90 days as your disputes will get merged.


As to the accounts that will "drop off" they may have been valid accounts to the OC ( original creditor health care provider) but they are not likely to be valid accounts for the reporting CA as the reporting CA did not provide you with any medical services and is more than likely to have obtained your data from a data miner and NOT been assigned the account directly from the OC.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3406 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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