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The Master Split File Files Thread


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My TU file was split LONG before I'd ever heard of (or done anything that could achieve cause) B*.


Oldest documentation on file confirms it was split sometime prior to November 2012. Can't narrow down any further.


I had no idea anything was amiss until I received a hard copy of TU file -- BOTH files, that is -- February 2013.


Still being a complete newb, when I saw a page break with the note "there is an additional record on file for this SSN" followed by a whole other report, I simply thought, "...that's peculiar." :dntknw:


I was JUST starting to wade out knee-deep into READING from the CB pool around that time, and I started seeing mention of split files. My TU oddity was lingering nebulously in my mind. :ph34r:


Got another hardcopy of said file in June 2013 following a dispute resolution, and I knew enough to look more closely.


I called TU and I THINK I was transferred to a different department -- both were offshore.


The transfer guy was NOT readily accepting of my assertion that I had a duplicate file. I made sure I didn't say "split" -- just explained what their own documentation told me. "There's an additional record for me, according to the report you sent me."


He was able to "submit the request" to repair it, which was completed within 24 hours.


He also took a few disputes in the process, because I thought I'd be clever and use the situation to my advantage and make sure none of the negs from the dupe made it to the merged file. :lol:


No luck. :blush: It was all perfectly accurate when merged -- derogs and all. :beee:


As an added detail, the "dupe" is actually the newer, now-merged report. My old file number (confirmed by reports I had in storage from 2003) was the one that had very little on it and is now defunct. Based on the information on each one, I suspect the new file was generated sometime between 6/2010 and 8/2011.

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A full legal name change in 2011 (both first and last name) has resulted in a double file for me, too. I took out new student loans after the name change and believe that their reporting is what caused the new file to appear. I have made no attempt to have the files merged. I've been disputing off old COs attached to my old name and have been very successful with it so far. Once that old-name report is clean, I will then try to get the files merged--possibly. I may just let it sit there because, in my case, it's very important to me that my old name not appear on my credit report at all under the "previous names" section (for reasons unrelated to credit). I'm also doing things like trying to make sure that my current address never gets attached to my old-name report, in order to try to force a slightly bigger divide between the two reports.


So far, this has worked to my advantage greatly. Knock on wood, it will continue to do so.

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It's happened to me with TU a few times. They usually tell me that I have more than one file because I have so many accounts reporting. The last time it happened, they told me I had 3 files. :swoon:


I haven't had an issue with the files being merged except once when they doubled all the inquiries. :angry: I was able to get the extra inquiries removed with a phone call.

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I have two at TU files


1. BK7, 3 IIB accounts, 1 cap 1 opened in 3 months after bk7 dob off by one day FICO 592


2. AUTO LOAN from 2007 oldest account, 13 new in last 2 YEARS, correct dob FICO 738

only account missing is Cap 1 on file 1


Whenever I've applied for credit there pulled file 2, except when I called UW about dillards cli

They pulled file 2.

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If having mass volumes of TL's assist with splits.


Then Ron1's has to be split like a redwood through a woodchipper :warning:


I had a split file with EQ a long time ago.


I knew it was split when I went from 3 negs to 0 negs, and my FICO went from

620's to like 713 overnight.


I couldn't app fast enough with that mistake :) As far as how it got merged, they

apparently must have corrected it on their own, because I never prodded EQ about it

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Well, all I know is that in my early years of finding CB, I pulled like a madman. That was when a slight manipulation of the urls did the trick :rofl:


In any case I had several pullers as well. Even was one of the lucky one dropped by TrueCredit citing abusive pulling. :grin:


Never a split file...

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I went onto myfico and pulled another report today and also the backdoor of EQ and still showing only 2 accounts, one SL with perfect payments for 6 years and one collection, not paid. The rest is gone including all inq 8 co's and an upaid PR. I don't think I am going to do anything right now about this and hope that the new cards I opened within the last 60 days will get reinserted.

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I have a split file on EX: one in my legal (maiden) name, and one in my married name. NO B*, ever. I haven't gotten that far yet.


Actually, the one in my legal name is a SUBSET of the one in my married name, with only 2 TLs:

1) Amex Blue AU (on my husband's account) MS 2002

2) Synchrony/JCP opened 1995, closed 2005. Will fall off March 2015.


The one with my married name is exactly the same in every detail but has one more TL:

3) Discover Platinum AU (on my husband's account) MS 2002


Each name on EX has a numerical code. The one with my married name has the additional married name, of course -- but it ALSO includes BOTH of the variants of my legal name with codes identical to the other file.


You would think their algorithm could do a LITTLE better job matching them up into the same file.


I requested these reports by calling the number for annualcreditreport, which uses an automated system with no option to talk to a human. This year, UNLIKE last year, the system asked me to say and spell first and last name. I received all 3 reports for my legal name without the Discover TL, which I've never seen reported.


But since the system asked for a name this time, I got the idea to call again and request a file for the other name. It is a VERY difficult name to understand, even the letters when spelling. When giving it to a human, I always have to shout "F as in Frank, S as in Sam" etc for most of the letters. There are only a few people in the US with the name, and it is misspelled more often than not. Anyway, after 3 phone calls and 10 or so misses by the computer (crazy off, too), the system made me make a recording of saying and spelling it, which undoubtedly got passed to a human to decode. And a couple weeks later, I FINALLY see a report for this name with this Discover TL.


I haven't gotten files for this name from TU or EQ, even though I requested all of them. It seems weird that Discover would report to EX but not TU or EQ.


A few years ago when I was cleaning up ID theft, I was convinced my married name had a file on TU. I was getting offers to that name (before I opted out), and I called some of them and asked their source which they said was TU. I called TU and tried to get them to send me the file for that name, but they insisted they didn't have one.


I'm not sure what to do.... :dntknw: I suppose the complete file with the Discover TL is a bit better than the one without, especially with its age. I'm thinking I just call EX and ask them to merge them?


(I want to start apping, and have been researching and planning what cards I want.)

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I forgot to mention something when I posted in this thread earlier. Before I knew that I had two files, and before I had done enough reading on this board to know better, I filed an online dispute with EQ requesting that they change the name on my old-name report (the one with some derogs left on it) to my new, legal name. A few days later, EQ sent me an email asking for more documents/copy of my ID/etc. They provided a fax number for me to use to submit the stuff.


I faxed them a letter I wrote which listed my old name and the new one, explaining that I had obtained a court-ordered name change. I attached a copy of my old ID, a copy of my new ID, a copy of the court paperwork, and a copy of my social security card, which reflects my new name. (Major screw up!) However, I used Hellofax to send it (a company google has recently partnered up with that lets you send faxes from the web and your first however many are free). Evidently, the free version of that service isn't particularly good with pictures; they send them extremely low res. So, my IDs were probably not readable, but the .doc file I sent explaining everything likely came through just fine.


EQ sent me a notice requesting the documents again. Either they did this because it's hard to get a file merged when you actually want it to be or because my attachments through Hellofax weren't readable, maybe both. I don't know. I ignored EQ's second request for documents though because right around this time is when I discovered that I had reports under my new name too--and that they were in great shape.


So, my files didn't get merged in the end, but as a result of what I sent them, EQ seems to have frozen my new-name report, as best as I can tell. When I request a copy of my annual free report under my new name through the web or via phone, they refuse to send it. Instead, they prompt me to send in a copy of my ID first. When I try to join quizzle using my new name, it won't work either (they pull EQ). I don't know what happens when creditors try to pull EQ.


I've been way beyond lucky and have made major advances in building up my credit profile attached to my new name in the last few months: I now have 2 Amex *D to '95; the Barclay US Air card, 2 Cap One cards, and a Navy Secured. (Incidentally, I opened that Navy account under my old name a few months ago before I knew had the two files, too. They switched it into my new name for me and even this hasn't resulted in both names getting reported to the CRAs). Soon, I'd like to apply for a Navy unsecured, but they pull EQ and I don't know what will happen when they do. I assume they just won't be able to pull it. I don't know if they'll then pull TU or EXP automatically or not.


So, the point is, having duplicate files has been the most unbelievable gift for me ever (same with getting Amex *D). It's allowed me to take flight with the credit-building aspect of repair, before I've even finished ridding my old-name reports of derogs, but I almost completely messed it all up though by sending EQ those docs. As it stands, I didn't create the damage that a merged file (or worse: three of them!) would have presented, but I am in a weird limbo with EQ for now and don't know how to get out of it yet. I will probably do absolutely nothing at all with EQ for now, except thank the stars every day for all my good luck.


For future readers, if you have changed your name, esp if it is a full name change (both first and last), you might want to check and see if you have duplicate files before making the same mistake I did by volunteering to give the CRA a bunch of documents. From what I've gleaned from reading the board, it seems like changing your name with current accounts is more likely to get both names reported to the CRAs, than if you just start building all new credit post name change.

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Old thread. Interesting that all the threads I find on this topic are years old with no recent activity. 


I did a legal name change on my full name a few months ago, and have been updating my name with creditors. In the past month or so I noticed my EX credit monitoring hasn’t shown any updates for the CCs where they had enough time to report under my new name. New name not showing up either. 


Then my Discover showed a credit file update which didn’t match. Pulled 3B via EX and still didn’t match. I never heard of split files and had no idea it was possible. Everything I read before, said the CBs will update your file as you update your name with creditors. Ha. 


Signed up for TU credit monitoring with new name and lo and behold, there is a completely new file with only current creditors reporting - the ones who have updated my name. Pulled 3B and found same with EX, but EQ blank. 


Now I just pulled another 3B thru TU and there is a new file with EQ too. All show only current creditors, no old, so my file age is about 1 year. No old name, only current legal name. DOB is correct on EQ and TU, but wrong on EX


I would like to keep my old history as that is 10+ years positive, but 1 derog reports to TU and EX so I’m not asking for a merge at this time. 


I’m still sending letters to request that 1 paid collection be removed. If/when that goes away, I will want my files merged for the credit age. 


It seems totally nonsensical, that we use SSN as the identifying number but they split files after only a name change. Especially in my case, where my current creditors are updating with same old account numbers, etc. Not that I’m complaining. I finally got the CC I wanted thanks to no derogs on the new file. 

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Just to update, I still have split files with all 3 credit bureaus. This has caused me to be declined for a bank account at Bank of the West, and credit with Chase ("fraud risk"). Although I have been able to open several other credit accounts including business accounts with no problem.


I had a recent attempt at identity theft a couple weeks ago, where someone called claiming to be from PNC Bank, asking to "verify" my personal information. I stupidly answered some of their questions before realizing this wasn't right, and stopped. So I managed to put a freeze on the "new" Experian file using their online form, plus a lock on the "old" Experian file using my Experian membership (which is still linked to the "old" credit file). I locked TU and EQ via my TU membership.


I also called Experian on September 28 and requested they merge my files and the person claimed that request was made. They had me send my name change document and proof of ID. Then I got a letter from Experian saying I had requested they change my name on my credit report (🙄) and included a copy of my "new" credit file but not the "old" one. Nothing was changed of course. LOL


Today I called Experian again and this time, after requesting 3 times to get to the "Special Handling" department, a woman in "Special Services" finally transferred me to "Mixed Files" department. There I was told to upload my name change and ID documents via the website and request the file merge. She said they work the request within 5 business days.

I would note that I also had to call 3 times at the end of September, before getting someone to finally check by my social security number to see I do, in fact, have 2 credit files with the same SSN. Will see if they finally manage to get my files merged at Experian. Then I guess I'll move to TU and EQ.


And the saga continues....

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