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Chase and Synchrony CLI questions


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Emboldened by my recent and successful app spree, but disappointed I did not top my existing high limits, I am ready to start aggressively tackling CLIs.


Start with Synchrony:


I have a Home Design Furniture account. CL is $6,800. As of Friday, balance will be zero.

I have a Care Credit. CL is $2,500. By next week, balance will be zero.

I have a Lowe's. CL is $5,600. By next week, balance will be $2,500 (no interest).


I see many posts on here to go for $35,000. My highest CL is $8,000. Should I go for $35,000 on all three and just let them make counters if that is not feasible?

Also, do I do all three at once, or do I do one, hang up, call back, do another, and so on?


Then comes Chase:

I have a Marriott. CL is $8,000.

I have an Amazon. CL is $3,000.

I have a Slate. CL is $500. Makes me me sad just to type that.


All will have zero or near zero balances within the next few weeks.


How high do I shoot with these requests?

Also, as with above, do I do them all on the same call or one at a time?

If I do them one at a time, will it be three hard pulls or will they use the same one?Or, will it be three hard pulls no matter what?

Lastly, say each card gets a $2,000 raise, could I then push limits around and make Marriott $15,000 with the other cards at $1,250 or so?


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It sounds like you have a lot of balances reporting. IMO you should wait until more are reporting a $0 balance.


Do you have any CU cards? A high limit CU card would help with approval limits. Go ahead and ask for $35K on the Synchrony cards and see what they give you (after you have more cards reporting $0). With Chase you are better off applying for new cards and moving limits than requesting a CLI.

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Nope, no CU cards, just what shows in my signature. If you could recommend one, what would you suggest? Or maybe two, so I have a backup option? I recall seeing one post where after joining, the OP saw a list of things he was eligible/pre-approved for, just cannot recall which CU that was. That would be the kind that interest me. Do not want to burn pulls joining, and burn pulls applying, and get limits in the exact range I have now. And no, not NFCU eligible.


As to balances, I chose the cards I did to discuss possible CLIs as the Synchrony cards will have zero balances before the EOM, and I have timed the payoffs to make sure they report zero balances. That lasy would be Lowe's, which closes the 31st, so would not report until the 3rd or so, but I would be careful to wait. The Chase cards will also have zero balances, and though they are mid-month statement cuts, they will update once balance shows zero.


Would the Chase rule apply even with Marriott, which is my highest CL? You are saying instead of asking for a CLI on that, I should app for a different Chase card, and if it gets approved for say $5,000, move $4,500 of that new limit to the Marriott? And there is greater likelihood of that working than of them giving me a CLI from $8,000 to $12,500?


Appreciate the feedback!

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The US Airways is brand new this week, and the other was down my list of payoffs, and will still have a balance the next few cycles. Also, took some recent TU hits (Diner's, Barclay's, Cap One) and would take another if I go for a CLI on Care Credit. Might also have to take one from Chase whether I go for Mendel's suggestion to do a new app or simply ask for a CLI as EX is frozen and I am hoping the will pull EQ and TU.


So, not trying to get ahead of myself, but my plan overt the next 60 days was to take care of the TU pulls, and get Barclay's paid off. Then, in mid-January, I would be at 61 days on my new Amex and could try to CLI that, and also be paid off and TU inquiry-free and be in a better position to go calling on Barclay's. I might even go for another Amex if things are rolling, as January is best.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3116 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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