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Address deletion problems

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When I try and delete an old address as never lived there on experian I get the message ~~~~~>The address in question was reported by your creditors or potential creditors or obtained from public records. If incorrect you may want to contact the source of the information directly. How can I get the addresses removed and.im.disputing them online

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Look at all of the accounts on your reports and figure out which one is reporting the address in question. You can tell by looking at the Address Identification Number (or whatever Experian calls it).

From there, you have two options:

1) Contact the creditor(s) and have then update your address and report to the credit bureaus. When they all do that, you can dispute the old address off.


2) If the address is being reported on a closed/sold account, call and tell Experian that you contacted <whatever creditor is reporting the address> and asked them to update your address, but they said that (since the account is closed/sold), "we have no interest in updating the information with the credit bureaus on a closed account."

I had this work with two addresses and others here have had success with this as well.

The key is to find out which creditors are reporting the address, then go from there. Because if the address is reporting on one closed account from creditor A and an open account from creditor B, you'll have to do both steps.

Beware, there is a slight chance you lose the whole TL from your reports doing step 2. Although I haven't heard of that happening with this process.

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