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Which method would you try? HSBC Charge Off


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I have been trying to deal with two old HSBC accounts that were charged off. Long story short, I had 2 HSBC cards charged off before Cap1 bought their US credit card business. They went to Cap1 and I battled them for removal by disputes, EO action, and a CFBP complaint. Nothing came of any of those attempts. They have now been assigned back to HSBC from what i can tell because they now list the po box 9 address in Buffalo instead of the Cap1 Carol Springs, IL address.


I have done recent CRA disputes about these accounts and here's how they are reporting (and came back as verified):


Experian is reporting these as positive trade lines that will will remain until 2021 with the notation "sold to another lender" and a "closed" date in mid 2011. No payment history is reporting at all. No balance due. No charge off notation. Shows up on the backdoor online dispute in the positive accounts section.


Transunion and Equifax are reporting these accounts as charge off accounts with "closed" dates of late 2010. Payment history shows lates leading up to CO. Purchased by another lender noted.


Which of the following methods would you use? Or do you have a different idea?


1. I have a 623 letter typed up with all of the issues mention above plus a few more. The two outcomes I think may come of this are either:

(a) it will be removed because of the incorrect reporting or lack of records to review it since it went to Cap1 and then came back

(b.) they will change the experian reporting to show the CO making it a negative account again


2. File a CFPB dispute for the trade lines reporting completely differently after disputes. I have copies of the disputes showing the completely different reporting.


My goal is complete deletion of these trade lines.

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I have an almost identical situation - two HSBC's, DoFD early 2009, both closed and sold (except, I don't think mine ever went to Cap1). EX is reporting both as closed, with no derog notation, and no payment history, and they're listed as positive accounts. EQ and TU both show as CO/sold. I've disputed with TU and EQ on various inaccuracies, hoping that HSBC would just not respond, but each time they've been "verfied", with some minor change made to the TL's.


I've called HSBC a couple times, and each time the agent has said "can't find any record of the accounts - our archives department will contact you" (and, of course, there's been no follow-up).


In one dispute with TU and EQ, I included a copy of the EX TL's, hoping they might follow EX's lead, but no luck. My next step is to 623 HSBC, but I will NOT be mentioning EQ's positive reporting.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3369 days ago. 


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