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Anyone know of non-Chex banks in VA?


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PWD847: What has been your experience with US Bank?


Anyone have specfiic feedback on their account with the bank?

U.S. Bank put me on Chex systems for "Items/checks involving another party". They are notorious for this. I deposited a check and waited for it to clear. I also made sure there was enough funds available in case something went wrong. Turns out the check was written from a closed account (closed for about 3 days), and they put me on Chex Systems. I never had a negative balance. Now yes this deposit DOES violate the account holder agreement, but I have spoken with several other banks and several US Bank employees who disagree with their decision to place me on Chex Systems. If I had CASHED the check, that would be more understandable.


My brother was placed on Chex Systems from a direct deposit payment from his job. Nothing fishy about it. He had been receiving his paycheck via DD for some time and all of a sudden he is screwed and can't even open an account at another bank. Turns out it was a mistake on US Bank's side and when he went in to try to have them fix it they were extremely uncooperative. He was going back and fourth between US Bank and Chex Systems for months. Eventually it was fixed I don't know specifics.


I have read about how US Bank uses the comment "Items/Checks involving another party". It is a generic comment that went to one of the supreme courts and was held up because it is almost impossible to prove it wrong. It is their way of saying that you committed fraud without actually saying you committed fraud. They are smart enough to know not to say something like that unless they can prove it. If you have this entry on your record and try to open an account at another institution, that institution will interpret the entry as fraud. I know from experience.


This may just come across as a rant based on my personal experience but I have done research and heard testimony from other people that US Bank just tends to screw people over. I know my whole family wants nothing to do with them!

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The last post in this topic was posted 3323 days ago. 


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