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The Master Why Apply for New Amex Cards in January Thread

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There are usually a lot of questions about why to apply for new Amex cards in January, particularly this time of year. Below is a brief explanation.


When you have an Amex log in, you have a "Member Since" date. For example, here is what mine looks like when I log in to my account.




Once you have established a "Member Since" date, every new Amex you open will show as being opened in the MS year. For example, every Amex I open reports as being opened in 1992. A new Amex will report the month that it was opened with the MS date as the year.


For example, let's assume a MS date of 2013 and two different scenarios for opening a second card.


MS date 2013

Amex 2 opened December 2014

Amex 2 reports as opened December 2013

reports as 1 year old


MS date 2013

Amex 2 opened January 2015

Amex 2 reports as opened January 2013

reports as 2 years old


If you have a really young MS date, you can see why applying in January can help you boost your AAOA over time. Waiting 1 month in this example nets another year of account age.


If you don't have an Amex, it is wise to get one before the year ends to lock in a MS date.


If you have a young MS date, it is wise to wait until January to take advantage of the account age as much as possible.




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And FYI, for those people looking for their first Amex, the approval criteria are the same for the Green, Gold and PRG charge cards. IMO you are always better off going with the PRG for the bonus and no AF in year 1 and you can downgrade it in year two to the Green if you want. :good:

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I'm glad I figured this out before it was too late! Got my 2014 MS locked in and will be applying for 2 more Amices in January.


Great thread idea, as I had not previously seen this spelled out so explicitly and had to dig for the answer as to why January gave an advantage... I had wrongly assumed the D* would result in subsequent cards being approved the same year AND month as the first.


My oldest CC is from April, so when I open new Amices in January, it will help my aging. I'll keep adding them religiously every January.

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What about the Master Why To Apply For Your First Amex In December thread?

"If you don't have an Amex, it is wise to get one before the year ends to lock in a MS date."


I think that has it covered.


Obviously if you don't have an Amex by December and have been waiting to apply for your first card, DO IT!!! :grin:


You always want to get the earliest MS date possible, but there's no reason to wait until December.

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The Few


The Proud





Those few are a blessing to have around.


They've certainly earned their titles....thank you for this thread mendelssohn and all your contributions.

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Someone asked me to comment on churning Amex cards to pad your AAOA. Remember that AAOA is open AND closed accounts, and that closed accounts can report up to 10 years after they're closed.


For personal cards, you can have up to 4 revolvers and one of each type of charge card.


Keep adding cards until you at least hit the max for revolvers. Cancel 1-2 every year or two and replace them with new cards.


In the end, you add a lot of "old" cards if you do it right. Just do the calculations to make sure you will actually be helping your AAOA.

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What if I've been an AU on an AMEX? Can I apply this January and get the MS date back dated? Thanks for all your wisdom Men.

Do you have your own log in already?


Piggybacking D* is dead, so it's based on your own log in only.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2288 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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      I have been thinking about this since learning about Amex backdating and how it helps AAofA.
      I have really two thoughts. One is I'm surprised that AMEX isn't pressured not to backdate new accounts since the rules say if you report (you don't have to report), you have to report accurately. I'm glad they do it, but they are kind of fudging there.
      But what I really don't get is why some of their competitors don't do the same thing. That would be a huge benefit to members and would draw lots of new business and wouldn't cost a dime.
      I am just surprised that AMEX seems to have a lock on this perk and is able to gain a competitive advantage over their peers.
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      Happy New Year's to all my fellow CBers:
      Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. I had a quick question, I have read threads on D* and in everything I got a little confused. With regards to an AU card, IF the AU had their OWN AMEX in say 1993 would they be able to use that as a D* date if added on as an AU? I know that it is said AU D* is dead, however, I kinda got turned around in my readings, I think that it is dead with regards to the MAIN CC Acct Holder having D* and the AU trying to get the SAME D* that really wasn't theirs. I am assuming that if the AU had a potential D* of 1993, that AMEX would honor it regardless of the date on the new acct, am I completely off here?
      Also, if AMEX did allow it, what might the impact be on the AU's AAOA. would it truly effect it? Or since it's only an AU card does it factor differently?
      As always, thanks for all your help and guidance, I have some success stories to share as soon as I get caught up with school.
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      This is an academic question for me since I burned AMEX in my BK 7. That said, are people gaming carefully managing their AAOA by periodically opening and closing AMEX cards? Since you get D* for each AMEX card (open or closed), wouldn't it make sense to have as many of these reporting as possible -- open or closed? Obviously you don't want to pay a bunch of fees, but couldn't you churn the no AF products?
      Maybe this has been addressed before but I have been thinking about it. If people open and close various CC accounts regularly to churn bonus miles, why not churn Amices to heavily impact your AAofA?
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      Other than D* and "prestige" what advantages are there to an AMEX Charge card, when compared to top-tier Visas or MasterCards, that justify AMEX's Annual Fees?

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