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Small Victory in a Big War - Got BofA Deleted Thanks to CreditBoards


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I've said it before and I'll say it again. This site is such a fountain of knowledge. So, I had my first victory after creating my "hit list" of items that I wanted to tackle on my CR. The first was an old BofA TL that was charged off ($770) on my credit that was still showing as a bad debt. After reading about people getting TL deleted for being obsolete, I checked and saw that this account was about 6 months from dropping off (March, 2015). I decided to try to get it taken off a little early. I disputed this as obsolete with all 3 CRA's and it worked! I really expected EX to fight about it based on what I've read, but they were the 2nd one to delete it (after TU). EQ was the one who was dragging their feet about doing it, but I finally heard from them today. It's not much, and it probably won't move the needle with regard to my FICO scores, but I'm excited to see that it actually worked and my credit is now just a little bit cleaner. Baby steps. :yahoo:


Next up, I'm going after Santander to get their auto repo removed. Wish me luck!

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The last post in this topic was posted 2645 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By Gmcewanjohnson
      I've heard that you can dispute and remove obsoletes from experian within 6 months of the 7 year mark, and was wondering if this was true cause I didn't want to waste my one shot.
      The only way so far I have been able to dispute obsoletes is over the phone, I did it for the first time a few months back and had everything I disputed removed but were all within 2 months of the 7 year mark, do you think I can do it again and have everything within 6 months removed?
      I've been having a lot of luck with transunion online seems they delete automatically if you delete it as obsolete within 6 months of being obsolete.
      Equifax I have not had any luck with having them remove anything as obsolete. I only had two more I need to remove that fall off in 4/15 and they said they won't remove them.
    • By david_weaver
      OK, have a late from December 2008 on a car loan. Account was paid in full and closed in February 2009. Was 54 month loan.
      Late only shows on TU and was only late on account. Have tried numerous goodwill attempts with no success.
      TU says it will fall off November 2015.
      When that date comes, will it become a positive account and remain on the report for 3 more years until it hits the 10-year limit, or will the entire trade-line drop off?
      As the late is 6 years old, my thinking was that trying to get the late removed with a dispute might cost me the trade-line if it just gets deleted instead of updated, which would hurt my AAOA more than a 6 year old late is hurting my score as the account dates back to 2004. Am I correct in that thinking?
    • By Bori0813
      So I sent TU an online request to remove a 38K Amex baddie due to fall off on September 2014 as obsolete. I checked last night and received a message that they need to review manually? Any thoughts? Thanks.
    • By carpartsdepot
      hello everybody, im getting ready to start disputing my obsoletes at 7 years with TU i have heard that you can dispute them 6 months early and TU will remove them, my first obsolete is scheduled to be removed 11/14, so I was thinking I should dispute it next month 06/14 and then dispute my 12/14 in 7/14 and my 01/15 in 08/14, does this sound right?
      i know you only get one shot with TU because once you check and box and do an online dispute and it gets veified you can no longer dispute using that same option, and im guessing its the -I am no longer liable for this account - box.
    • By Beautyandcredit
      HI everyone!!!
      Sooo I disputed LVNV online with the big three and of course 6 months away on that report, they deleted. Does not drop until Aug with EQ and they updated. On my Experian however, it states that it will be on record until May 2014 but I got my results in the mail today and the "updated" !!!! What should I do just wait? I have read about many ppl calling and having the item deleted so close to fall off date BUT I just disputed it a couple of weeks ago... help

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