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Preparing for App Spree

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Hello Everyone:


I have not posted to this forum but have been on CB for over a year (Unofficially). Honestly, I have been so focused on my Personal Credit, that I have not given much thought to my Business Credit. However, I had planned to app for a few business cards on my upcoming spree on November 9, 2014 (yes I have a date planned to coincide with TU B*, and updated reports, lol). I would greatly appreciate any and all comments/opinions regarding any pointers on my strategy. I had considered PG anything needed. I definitely want to app for the Barclay's US Airways Biz CC and perhaps the Chase depending on the sign-up bonus at the time. I also wanted to app for the Citi AA Biz CC along with a few store cards (Lowe's, Staples, Dell, and Amazon). However, I don't want to worry about any AA from the Biz apps, as I will have to worry about it on my personal side as it is, lol. If I have to limit myself, I'd probably would want to app for the cards I have the best chance to get approved for and again, I am not opposed to PG, tho I realize that is not in my best interest. My file is particularly thin, I have a Cap1 Sparks Classic reporting for over a year with an orig $1k CL>$1200>$1700>$4k, which showed up this month. My personal FAKOS are TU 768 (TU +) EQ 706 (EQ Complete) EX 700 (EX Direct). Corporation has been in business since 1998, EIN and D&B#. Title of President as W-2 Employee, above avg income, Revenue and Sales are decent (both 7 figures), I do not want to provide Tax Returns, personal nor business (dealing with IRS on back taxes). I have a few small upcoming projects on REI's (approx. $30k - $40k spend) that I have cash for but thought about using a Lowe's or Home Depot Biz CC if it was possible to get approved.


So, being that I am gearing up for an App Spree, what recommendations would you have as far as cards to app for?Should I PG any at all? What should I stay away from with such a thin file? Am I being to optimistic or unrealistic about even being ready to apply for cards from the "Big Boys" (Citi, Chase, US Bank)?


I thank you all in advance for your help! :wave:

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You have a lot of questions which we can help you with one at a time.


You ask if you should PG any at all and that tells me your not fimilar with business credit. I would suggest reading through some topics on this forum to get a idea of buisness credit. In short though for most small businesses you need to PG actual credit cards for your business. The store backed cards can be obtained without a PG but you need decent biz files. Just being listed with D&B doesnt do anything.

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