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A new wave of stores requiring ID for credit transactions

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I'm guessing the data breaches at places like Target, Home Depot, and many others have scared some local managers. I've had 3 big name retailers (just select stores, not the entire chain) recently require photo ID. The first one, I tried arguing with the cashier (it had been awhile), until I realize just how dumb I was acting. The cashier is just doing what they're told (most of the time). I've since settled into just asking, "Is it your store policy to require photo ID for purchases?" They typically state, "just for credit." As per Visa/MC policy, they actually ARE allowed to ASK for photo ID, however, they are not allowed to require it to complete the transaction, so this is why I ask. The cashiers don't know this, so you need to decide there if you want to show ID, or leave, but unlike my first attempt, try to handle it in a mature and professional manner :)


So as I stated, now I just show the ID, pay for the goods, and leave. I then file the report with the big 3 vendors. Here are the updated links for those who are curious:


American Express


Notes - It is not against American Express TOS to require a photo ID for the transaction. However, it is against Amex TOS to treat the cardholder differently than a Visa/MC cardholder of that store also accepts Visa/MC. So unless the place takes Amex exclusively, they cannot require photo ID.




For this website there are two limitations. First, go to the main page and select your country, otherwise your report won't go through. It will only redirect you to the country selection window within the frame, and then glitch out. Do it from the main page first. Second, you must have a valid MC to use this report (they ask for the first 6 digits of the number). Credit or Debit (used as credit) will do.




They no longer have a field specific to requiring an ID. I select the last option, "The merchant displayed an improper Visa acceptance mark, did not display Visa signage or displayed Visa signage but refused to accept your Visa card."


And last but not least, the 3 stores that pulled this on me this week, in case some of our crusaders want to file reports :)



1900 S 314th St

Federal Way, WA 98003


Famous Footwear Outlet

1101 Outlet Collection Dr SW #1256

Auburn, WA 98001


Old Navy

1101 Outlet Collection Dr SW #1070

Auburn, WA 98001


I suspect the latter two are run by the same local management company. There was another Walmart here with a similar issue over a year ago. They changed it pretty quick after I posted here, though I don't know if it was from my report, or from a special poster on this board :)

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