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I'm a victim of Identity Theft - Need some advice

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I filed my taxes in 2012 but I was in prison at that time. I was released in January of 2013 and immediately started working again. I recently found out (in early 2014) that my identity had been stolen. I called the IRS but they have been giving me the run-around for around 9 months. I'm poor and I need help getting my 2013 tax return. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get this resolved? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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CBers need more information to help.


1. How did you find out someone else filed a return?

2. Are you talking about the tax return for calendar year 2011 which is the one normally filed in 2012.

3. You filed a return from prison in 2012. Did you ever get a response from that filing?

4. Is the IRS asking you for money associated with the 2012 or are they refusing a refund?


The usual pattern for tax ID theft is filing a return early with bogus numbers and a false ID bank account created for the purpose of laundering the funds. It's a bigger problem in some places than others, for instance Fla. You may be facing more skepticism than the typical ID theft victim. Ex prisoners who go straight still have a very tough road.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2342 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By Menta33
      I'm helping a friend with getting IRS tax liens withdrawn and removed from their credit report. Thus far, Experian and TransUnion were cleared fairly easily, however, Equifax is proving tricky.
      There are three records reporting on Equifax, two of them we should eventually prevail on because the IRS has withdrawn them and we have proof of that and these were the two recently removed from Experian and TransUnion, however, Equifax has a third entry that the IRS says they did not report and thus cannot withdraw. It is for an adjacent county and matches the amount of one of the other two valid ones in the correct county of residence. The IRS says they cannot withdraw a lien they did not file. My friend has not moved in over ten years and has never lived in this other county.
      What should we do about this lien on the report that the IRS says they never placed since it is the wrong county court? Should we go into the court and request some kind of report that there are no liens for that name or amount? I imagine there is some kind of computer glitch here, but not sure how to proceed. Could this lien be on his Lexis-Nexis report and we need to dispute there first so that it does not appear confirmed when Equifax looks into it?
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      For those of you with the 3% JCB Marukai, you can pay your federal taxes with this card and make out ahead of the fees:
      https://www.officialpayments.com/fed/index.jsp They charge 2.35% so you net 0.75% on federal tax payments, plus you can get the float on the money until the bill comes due. Further, I've found that if your credit limit is too low, you can pay down the account to a negative balance and you can charge up to your credit limit, so if your limit was $2,500 and you paid the account down to negative $2,500, you could make a single $5,000 charge and have it go through.
      For those of you without the Marukai card, I recommend:
      https://payusatax.com/ They charge 1.87% (but it doesn't work for JCB) but if you have a 2% rebate card on Visa/MC/Amex/Discover they you will make out ahead of the fees, netting 0.13%.
      Now if only you could buy Amex Gift Cards with a JCB card you could really make out like a bandit!
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      During recent surveillance of my credit reports I noticed the IRS very recently made an inquiry into my Equifax credit report. I have done nothing I can think of to warrant their attention. I file my tax returns, don't own a small business, recently got married, etc.
      What could this mean? I am going to contact them ASAP to see if there is some sort of action coming down the pipeline.
    • By mike8951
      Xpost from Idenity Theft.

      I have sent block letter per FACTA to Experian along with FTC Affidavit, police report, driver license, social security card, utility bill (for address verification) and received 2 page letter from them after a month of investigation.

      Basically here what is said on the first page "If you still wish to have this information blocked, please submit an identity theft report without the deficiencies noted at the end of this letter".
      At the end of the letter is noted "The identity theft report that you provided to us does not meet the guidelines established by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act for the following reasons(s): It was not filed with a law enforcement agency which subjects the person filing the report to criminal penalties relating to the filing of false information"

      Can someone explain what is this response and what is my next step? This is unbelievable. Equifax and Transunion diligently blocked within 24 hours of receiving.


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