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three old chargeoffs on EX

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I am seeing an attorney tomorrow re three old chargeoffs -0- balance on EX. although these are paid of no VoD c/offs. Although NY 5 yr purge requires their deletion, EX does not enforce or follow this state law. There is no way to pay the original OC's as they were sold to CA/JDB and have been resolved with those parties. All are past SOL due to NY SOL and the home state ruling here in NYC of the CC's SOL.


These will be on my TL's with EX until early 2016. They are all off my other CRA's. My reports, excepting my mortgage which is in court, is clean but for these. It also rules out re-upping with AmEx on my own with a 1992 date.


I have frozen EX. I am in "special Handling' with a Jennifer King who handles difficult credit files such as me who report them to the NYAG and CFPB. She affirmed this suspicion. Except for Verizon and Cap One, I have no inquiries with EX in the last year.


Bank of A Visa, who has all of their records, has the DoFD wrong and the contract date is in question. My contract date was with Fleet bank whose portfolio was bought out in early 2004. I doubt that they have it because they supplied all of my statements but did not include the contract, which I requested. I sent them a re-investigation letter request and they have NOT responded. I sent the same letter to Chase and Cap One, who responded immediately. This is for about $5K.-0- bal. EX removal date 2/16.


My old Bank of A mortgage -0- balance, and very in arrears, was sold, -0- balance reported and all reports say that this old TL has very little impact on my credit scores. DoFD there was 4/09.


Chase Visa , who has claimed to have NO statements or NOTHING, twice (yes, I have the names and numbers, etc), has responded to my letter requesting the information used to affirm this listing, asking me to contact the JDB, Midland, who also claims to have NOTHING except my last statement, which they sent to me. EX Removal date 4/16. I have some statements and I believe that I signed up over the phone for this huge $790 amount owed. I can confirm amounts paid through my bank statements. I was hitting the skids when I got this CC so payments were few and far between.


Cap One, whose debt, $8500, was sold to PRA, was settled with PRA in 2010. EX removal 6/16 but my last payment in full was 11/08 and I have just received old bank statements which would affirm this which would result in a changed DoFD. They also claim to have purged their files and have nothing except the month and year of sale to Portfolio, not even the amount. They have referred me to Portfolio which also claims to have nothing. I paid through a law firm. Ex has removed the PRA account. I was a total rube when I went to court with them and when the judge told me that the payment would put this all behind me, i believed him. I had no idea re credit reports and CRA's and OC's and CA/JDB, I knew nothing. Unfortunately, my records re this settlement so far as the statements,which I had, are in deep storage and it would require an act of God to find them.


Question: I have requested initial investigation and 'reinvestigation" with EX who has re-affirmed the reports as submitted to the CRA by the OC's. I then wrote a request for the information backing the OC affirmation and got the responses above. A little more paper work and I will see the attorney who got my huge Citibank debt resolved/settled due to their technical faults in billing and interest in violation of the CARD act. So he is pretty fabulous. BUT, in having disputed them, and showing them as disputed accounts, and given that they are all in early 2009, is the damage to my score by dealing with the OC's re a 623 going to ding my score more if they yet again re-report or is the risk worth it? How much effect does these old OC ChargeOffs's have on my EX score. If I remove one or two through a 623, will it be worth it apart from improving the report? Has anyone else pushed the envelope this far to see what the ding so many years ago really amounts to?


I want clean reports and I don't want to get declines after I clean up my mortgage as much as possible. Also, does anyone know if a mortgage reports on the same basis year-wise on a CRA?


i realize that this is involved and long but would welcome any insight possible into this as I may be shooting myself in my foot. Thanks so much if anyone can assist prior to my meeting with the attorney.



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The last post in this topic was posted 2234 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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      One or more accounts are not paid as agreed
      Length of time since oldest credit card was opened is too short
      Length of time since newest account was opened is too short
      Too many accounts opened in the past 12 months.

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