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Need a game plan please help!!


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Hello!! Ok so here is my dilemma.

Im 25 years old and just discovered what Chexsystem is. I lost my job and my checking account became overdrawn for $420 dollars. Half of which are fees from TD Bank. I contacted TD immediately after I received my first paycheck and they said they were in the process of closing my account it was on day 61; so I just missed it by a day!! Grrrrr! I begged and pleaded ask to speak to supervisors and all I got was there is nothing we could do.


So, I hopped online and back on this board and after reading through everything I went the next day which was this past Tuesday and opened up 4 checking accounts Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citizens Bank and local Credit Union. I didnt want to take any chances on when they would report me to Chexsystems so I just went the very next day. From what Ive read once youre in ChexSystems you cant open a checking account for 5 years! Thats crazy! There is no way I could go 5 years. The reason I opened 4 is because I saw where some accounts were closed because the bank did a Chexsystems sweep, so I figure out of 4 I have a better chance of having at least one stay open. My other reasons are because I need to establish credit; so I want to get secured credit cards with all these banks and start utilizing.


My credit file was blank up until last year. I have 2 collections, one medical and one is from an AT&T bill and I am assuming now the one from TD bank will appear soon. I just started working with Credit saint credit repair (heard good things about them and good BBB rating) Im not that savvy in contacting the bureaus myself.


OK so basically I just need a game plan at this point on how to establish my credit from this point on and rebuild. I REALLY hate I let these stupid 3 things even get on my file! Please help and sorry for the long rant!

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Honestly? I'd dump the credit repair company and put that money to better use - secured card limits. Read through here and you can accomplish anything that a credit repair company can all by yourself.




We advocate a do it yourself approach. No one will care more or work harder to clean up your credit than you. You should save your money and use it on establishing a couple of secured credit cards (credit unions are great for this). Do a lot of reading on here to learn to deal with the collections.

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pay off ChexSystems and they may not haunt you. Otherwise they will prevent CU CC's as well..


I actually thought I was on Checksystems for something that happened in 09 so before I was going to try and join DCU I called ahead of time and talked to someone at DCU about it. My checksystems was paid in full and all she had told me was that as long as it was paid and I had proof from CS I would be fine. You will read a lot of good things about DCU on this board. I am waiting to join DCU till after I buy a house because they pull EQ and I am not ready to try the B* with that. So I joined a local CU that pulls TU and refinaced my car through them.


Seriously you can do this on your own... I was not savy at all about credit repair and I learned a lot by reading here and also getting some great advice. I am still not all that savy but I have seen my TU fico go from 619 to 727 in a matter of months.


Stick with it and you will get what you need....


Good Luck

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Pay off the negative entry on Chex, then start HIPAA process on medical collection. Start a thread in the medical forum and a person named WhyChat will literally walk you through every step. In 1 months time I got $4k in debt deleted with the HIPAA process.

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Thank you and I have read through here I just don't feel I am savvy enough. I will try though

I feel the same way, every time I learn a new method on here some other road block occurs that I didn't know abt (ie blacklisting). So the best advice is to just read and do what you can from the information given on here. I'm starting to learn it really takes patience and consistency. Good luck!

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The last post in this topic was posted 2953 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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