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Chase CC Hardball Late Removal - My Response - Sample Letter


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Had a 60 day late 2 years ago on my chase card, sent a goodwill letter, and they came back with cold denial based on 'accurate information was reported' remark. Below is my response. I plan to mail monday, let me know your thoughts. Hopefully not too harsh for it's own good.



Regarding: Account No.

Cardmember Service

PO Box 15153

Wilmington DE 19886-5153


Thank you for your response to my inquiry dated 8-2-2014 regarding the above referenced account. I have considerable respect for your company and not only the reputable name Chase has created for itself in the credit card industry, but I also the appreciate the line of credit Chase has extended to me with respect to my credit card account . With this said, I find myself somewhat disappointed that your response didn’t seem to address the request that I made directly. Given the state of my personal life at the time of the alleged late payment (and without going too far into the more private details of my life obstacles at the time), I made a simple goodwill request that you grant me this one reprieve from, as you saw, the late payment. Your response instead addressed the accuracy of the information reported to the credit bureaus and did not address the unique conditions that I shared with you to explain what may have caused possible late payments in my life at that time, if they did in fact occur.


Considering my previously positive experience with Chase I approached this situation with good faith that I was dealing with a company who valued its customers and the business they bring through both good and bad situations. In addition to this, due to more responsible use of personal credit lines my credit score has already begun to improve within the last 12 months. As I grow into a more responsible credit worthy consumer than I was in my younger years, I will have need of business relationships with companies such as Chase. My decision on who to do business with and who to recommend to friends, family, and business partners will rely heavily on who has treated me fairly and reasonably in the past.

I would ask you once more, before time and resources are spent on investigating my rights as a consumer and your obligations as a creditor under federal law, to reconsider rescinding this alleged late payment from all 3 credit bureaus. If you refuse to consider this request, I would then ask that you escalate all 3 letters thus far and my concerns about my future business relationship with Chase to the manager of your customer satisfaction department before you respond. If the potential for a future private and business relationship with a customer is not important to you or does not impact your professional position, there may be others with Chase that might be more understanding and grateful of nurturing potential private and professional relationships. Thank you for your time in this matter.




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They already said "No!" the first time so not much to lose on the second attempt.


A couple of observations, though ...


1. Why the legalspeak about "alleged" late payment?


2. Subtle legal threats over an "alleged" late payment that you really did pay late sounds a bit over the top.


3. The future business angle is class. Everything else not so much.

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I would attach any "proof" of personal problems that would address any BS potential. Sometimes illness or personal issues that are verifiable can be more positive- for example, a divorce with legal letters showing lack of payment, a hospital bill, an insurance bill showing major catastrophe to a home or car or injury to self. I know that they are very into forgive service related late payments.. I also agree re the late payments not being alleged... they are real but they happened because of a reason beyond your control. for example, hurricane Irene or Sandy, everyone knows that that chocolate happened. I had a situation with a late business presentation to someone in SC and send a videotape of the floods in my area and the fallen trees from Irene. They changed their response immediately. They were amazed that I survived what happened in my area- because they had experienced Hurricane Hugo.


Its all personal, whether it is a sick child, a parent or spouse dying, all of that. I would gussy up your reasons and ask them to consider them vis a vis your request... it can't hurt. and tell them why this is hurting you so badly- a new marriage with a house to buy, a baby on its way, professional credit checking, an increased insurance rate.


Just my opinion on how to approach it.

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Thanks for the responses, some good input. I see where you're coming from MizLiz. I actually do have supporting documentation for the late reason. So maybe I should elaborate on that as the sole basis of the letter before I jump into the whole 'future business relationship' argument. If they don't see eye to eye on the second letter, I can use that on the 3rd. If they spend 5 minutes on an employee making $15/hr for each letter, it will cost them $1.25 a letter plus postage = $1.74 per letter. So if I send them 57 1/2 letters they will have wasted $100 on my silly little 60 day late payment, then they'll surely delete :)

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The last post in this topic was posted 3320 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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