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From CB Success Story to SHORT SALE to the path of Recovery - CC Approvals!


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As a Loooooong time member of CB I will be making entries as to my short sale recovery process. Actually, after researching I have not found many items on the internet on POST Short Sale credit card approvals for survivors. So I'll hopefully start a trend here as we all know free revolving credit card balances makes or breaks the FICOs. If there is one already there on THIS subject please direct and I'll add future entries there.


If you have similar credit card or installment loan APPROVALS tell everyone so we know where to look for the building blocks of rebuilding our credit.


Finished my Short Sale (primary and second mortgages) in December 2013. This was a long multiyear process that I got through with the assistance of an attorney. Throw being active duty military into the mix over those years it was not an easy path and creditors care not where you are in the world or what’s going on - they want what they want WHEN they want it. USAA being the worst of the worst ironically(they were my second mortgage).


Now I am on the road to recovery and making the forward march to success again. Fortunately the only thing that is bad on my credit is the short sale items - My scores are not bad considering.


As of today, All REAL FICOS

674 EX

654 EQ

701 TU



Here are two CC approvals i've gotten since I have gotten back on the path to rebuilding, these are small victories:








What I still have is a 5K PATELCO VISA - no balance


I also have no debt :clapping: except a mortgage and my wifes SUV payments (utilities and things like that are a fact of life too).


Sadly all my other cards got shut off over the last 6 years for non use (go figure right). Maybe I am lucky on this because I have "heard" where CC companies shut cards off after a short sale. So now they all listed as "paid as agreed/Never late which I like :angel:

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Thanks Hedge it's been a long time :) I see you are still rocking the credit world!


Thanks Gevans, Ronsetoe - "Cap1 or barclays" I had both cards and they were shut off for non use, not sure if they would want me back?


However, I did have one "smal card" decline me, it was "newegg" the online computer giant. The stated the decline for the obvious reasons after a short sale - but I am not crashing my self on that one decline. Heck the next day is when Kohls approved me!


I'll lay off the credit requests for a bit though I don't want to tank my scores :yu:


Keepin it real - with credit!

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The last post in this topic was posted 2716 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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