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Credit Secure pull failure today

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My daily Credit Secure pull failed today, when I look, it says:


At this time, you are not enrolled in CreditSecure®. If you would like to purchase CreditSecure® please click on START PURCHASING below. If you have recently enrolled, please allow our systems to process your enrollment for up to 48 hours. To exit, please click CANCEL. Thank you.


After pressing Start Purchasing:

Your American Express Card is not eligible for enrollment in CreditSecure®.

For more information, please call 1-866-617-1893.

Called the number, first QSR said I needed to manually enroll, but never looked at my account. Tried again and second CSR said they are having site problems and to delete cookies and try again in a few hours. Still no luck. When I enrolled about a month ago, it required manual intervention on their part and it seems to have never charged my card, so I suspect my account is screwed up and not the site in general.

Anyone else having trouble, or are they just confused? Suggestions to resolve?

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Called Amex again since it still is not working, they said it was due to the closed Corporate card still showing in my online profile. They had me remove it and said it should work again to log in tomorrow after removing all cookies. I asked them to pull on my behalf for today, which they did.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2549 days ago. 


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    • By Menta33
      My DW seems to have been dropped from the Equifax Choppage block. She was not chopped in September, and now again not chopped in October. Presently, she is pulling both EIDT and Alert Plus and just B* today an inquiry dated 9/23/14 on her second pull of the day which makes sense being around 42.5 days ago.
      Has anyone else had the experience of getting off the choppage list? Should she stop pulling twice a day and go down to just one puller, EIDT? She did back door twice in September to confirm no choppage, but has not since.
    • By Menta33
      I have been getting a CreditKarma update weekly for a while now, just by logging in, and a week after my last update it would automatically just repopulate with a new report.
      Today, I should have gotten an update, my last one was Oct 15, but the website is different and there is not the usual wording on the landing page like this (still showing for my DW):

      Any ideas what might be going on here? Anyone else seeing this issue?
      I also notice that my DW's login landing page is: https://www.creditkarma.com/dashboard whereas mine is now: https://www.creditkarma.com/myfinances/score and manually going to dashboard URL just brings me back to score URL again.
    • By mizliz1011
      the last two inquiries shown on this report have long been B* from Equifax Complete. Does USAA not report updated Inquiries (hard) on a timely basis or do I have a problem? and it doesn't show a legit HI from Oct. 9th... May I assume that USAA is not at its finest on the latest and greates of HI reporting? Also, it is showing a CA that was removed almost immediately as the entry was in error... but it is still zinging my experian score...it is dated 9/15 and was removed by CA almost immediately after call from my lawyer...
      Alert Date 09/06/2014 THIS HAS BEEN BUMPED Business Name NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Inquiry Date 09/04/2014 Alert Date 08/31/2014 Business Name NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION THIS HAS BEEN BUMPED Inquiry Date 08/11/2014 Alert Date 08/31/2014 THIS HAS BEEN BUMPED Business Name PENTAGON FCU Inquiry Date 07/26/2014  
    • By MJPEREZ77
      I just needed to ask a question for clarification. In all my reading I see that is is advised to avoid Backdoor and Disputes while involved in B*. Now I would think from a technical standpoint that an additional SP would assist in your journey of B*, though I don't know what a dispute would do and for that matter what an additional SP does during B* via BD, please advise.
    • By mendelssohn
      Menta33 discovered a new emergency EQ puller for people who cannot get an Amex, such as those on the Amex blacklist. In order to keep this active and working, we aren't posting it publicly.

      If you would like information, send me a PM. If you have fewer than 500 posts or we don't know you, we aren't going to share the information with you at this time. Making these things too accessible and public is what gets them shut down.

      Thanks again to Menta33 for this discovery!

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