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Words, Phrases and Other Stuff that Annoys Me


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16 minutes ago, TheVig said:

Yeah, I got a good neighbor. He got a new company car. It's a Subaru. He's upset. He thought COEXIST and Namaste stickers came standard on all Subaru's.


I like his humor.

hopefully he got the manbun discount

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On 1/16/2022 at 3:08 PM, hegemony said:

[quote]But some retail analysts have said the decision was rushed, jeopardizes the brand's image and will lead shoppers to turn to competitors such as Dollar General (DG), which sells around 20% of its products for $1.[/quote]


They will spend more in gas as they try chasing a quarter...but then again, as a collective entity, people tend to be rather on the stupid side.  This was just one more data point...

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